julianne07 posted:
Hi everyone. Hope your enjoying the weekend!

What do you think? Does anyone go through this? When I "lose" it I get sad.Life isn't easy for anyone right? Besides my illness I feel things. Why does my family to blamed my feelings on my illness? I begin to feel pain about things that have happened. Tears start. I don't cry I suck it back in. I pull many feelings in. I feel that I can't be heard. Then isolate by going to sleep. I've been doing this often. Then later I get angry. Which can turn to violent episodes like throwing things and screaming. That's not my norm but used to be when I wasn't stable.It seems to be connected.


bpcookie responded:
Hello Juli, I'm sorry, I thought this post had already been replied to. Holding in your feelings, such as not crying when you feel like it, may be part of the problem. You need to get out your emotions, unless those emotions are rage. Some how you need to learn how to control rage and change it to something else. A therapist may be able to help you with this.

There have been times when I get so angry that I want to throw things, break things and scream but some how I have managed not to scream, break things or throw things.

Take care. I hope things get better for you real soon.
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julianne07 replied to bpcookie's response:
thank you.. when it come to my illness I feel so alone. I've been dealing with it for 16 years now. I've had multiple therapist and doctors over the years as many others have. As far as my family, which I need the most, they have continually used it against me. Yes it's sad but my reality.