Help I am bi-polar, need non-drug control advice
An_252354 posted:
Hi All,
I a m bi-plar. I need help, but my Gen. Prac. Dr. has prescribed meds that have side effects = negative, ie, procduce insomia, which drug was Supposed to be used to treat RSL which is causing lack of sleep.

I have lost confidence in my GP Dr. as last time he wrote script it worsened my condition & I ended up committing myself to a locked facility 800 miles from home on a busines trip. I lost a lot of $ on that trip.

Now, 4 years later, RSL has reared it's ugly head, I can't sleep more than 2 hours at a time, 5 hrs total per night. He gave script for RSL, aggravated my insomnia. Madeit worst.

Now he is woried I will sue him, whch I won't.

Need info links? or info on NON-drug solution to maintain creativity at the high point of Manic_depression, but slow me down. Have been sleeping 2-4 hrs / night. Hyper during waking hrs.

Any info would be appreciated.

mike in NH
ddnos responded:
Hello Mike,

If I were you, I'd see someone who specializes in the kind of medications you need, being bipolar, a psychiatrist. A general practitioner is generally not qualified in that area. If you have bipolar like you say, then you will also need medications to treat it; you were apparently put on the wrong one(so), but that doesn't mean they are all bad. That one happened to be bad for you.

So, as I stated above, I would make an appointment with a good psychiatrist and tell him/her your concerns, and be patient until an appropriate medication(s) are found for you.

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