Finally Friday Daily Bipolar Post/ poss. triggers
bpcookie posted:
Hello my little dahlings

Weather: way too hot

Sleep: ok, but had bad dreams. Why is it that Bipolar always have bad dreams?

Mood: ok today, I think, maybe

Plans: not sure. Anymore my woman part controls me. So where ever she tells me to go, I go, what ever she tells me to do, I do. hhhmm if newbies read that they may think Im totally coo coo.

Have a good one, muahs
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monkeybee responded:
Hi friends! Cookie, lol... if you're coo coo that makes means I am in good company because I am coo coo!

Weather: hot!

sleep: restless

Mood: manic

Plans: laundry and tonight my daughter is having 3 friends spend the night. Woohoo for me, lol!

Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a great weekend!
melly2210 responded:

Weather: Rainy, but haven't gone outside to check the temp

Sleep: ummm...i fell asleep on the couch around 2 am and i woke up at 2:30 this afternoon. I dreamed all night that hubs died in a car accident and the whole disaster that always follows after.

Mood: Definately depressed. Anxiety high

Plans: Day is shot. I'm crying already. Yesterday all I wanted was for hubs to go to work so I could have some time to myself. Today I feel unbelievably alone. Pdoc took away the last of the Trileptal which I expected. He up'd my Celexa by 20 mg, and refused to change my klonapin to something else. we're supposed to pick up the boys tonight. I miss them, but don't want them to see me like this right now. Afraid this is going to go on all weekend. Thinking there's a hospital visit in my very near future. As in if things don't change by mid-next week I am going to ask to go.

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ArtsyMcBubbles responded:
Hi all! I'm a noob.

Weather: Warm/Wonderful

Sleep: Better/ Alot of improvement

Mood: Not agitated as of now, no stress involved, just plain happy

Plans: Preparation for my only nephews birthday. Going to pizazz his bday with my magic artistic touch
Canopy0 responded:
Weather: hot day for my run

Sleep: going to bed around 2 am terrible sleep bad dreams

Mood: irrated through the day at night suicidal like normal for night

Plans: call my attorney,keep running,
dibbits0530 responded:
Hey cookie

do you always ask questions you have answers to? just kidding. is it true that people only have bad dreams when there aren't any good ones around? i have said this here before long ago, when i was young, i asked God to take away my dreams, and He did. So for all these years (30 ) I wake up clueless. dreams (bad or good) keep us in sync with our own little world. when they are bad, it has lots to do with P.O.V. if our perception (BP's are great at this!) down, negative, passive (such as your relationship with your woman part). BP's are by nature like this so their dreams can follow suit. does that mean a bad dream stays bad? get coo coo for coco puffs and ave a great day despite that woman part...

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