12 days to knee replacement (trigger?)
dibbits0530 posted:
yes yes yes...so what does it all have to do with the BP board? Stress stress stress....rhymes with yes yes yes and with mess mess mess. my life partners in my one bedroom flat here are one canine cutie named Boo and a feline Fatty named Kit. They help in there own way but don't push brooms or wash dishes to well.

this time around, i am on my own - no family about to do my everything. lots of cleanliness is needed and i am the property manager at my church which means many long busy days and a mess to come home to. i need to listen to myself more and not the little imp that tries to jump onto my shoulder, drag me down. ooops. he already did and i am not going to play that old dinosaur song about the rubber tree plant. if you are old enough to remember that well then you (like me) may have some troglodytes for friends.

thanks for being the best board on webmd \\

Take from each day, all that it gives to you, return only to it, nothing less than the very best that you have to offer.