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    New looking for support TRIGGERS
    emily5887 posted:
    I do not know that I hvae a diagnosis in anything I have been getting help since I was a teenage after an eating disorder started in 4th grade. I bounced from one councilor to another finally in 06 I started seeing the same one. 3 or 4 med changes and 5 years later I'm a mess and reading my abnormal psy book (my BS major is psychology) because my moods have been so crazy and so many weird things have been happeneing in the last couple years and the meds werent helping with what I assumed was anxiety that I'm convinced I hvae a personality disorder I think its boarderline I talk to my councilor and she says oh yeah of course but its probably bipolar and i literally want to start screaming at her and start throwing thing. I hold it in go home and lose it. I'm mad and i'm freaking out until I end up crying. How unprofessional for her to just go one for years and never mention this knowing the anti depressents I was on weren't going to help me and I was getting worse. Now i need to find a new primary doctor due to a wrongful death(of my father) law suit and I just aged out my my insurance and my new one doesnt start until august and I'm so mad at my previous councilor I refuse to go back there the secertary didn't return calls for weeks so even if i wanted to get in it would take like 2 or 3 months. I'm just scared of starting over but i hvae a 10week old baby now and I have to get a grip on life but I'm having a hard time and I feel so stressed all the time and just want to walk away from everything and find my self in a strange place all alone where no one knows me and just be a different person then I have to tell my self its not "normal" and I'm just having an episode and if I can just sleep it might help and then there are time I sleep and wake up 10X worse. I don't know where to start and I cant stop thinking long enough to do something if I knew what to do. Can anyone relate to this? Is it really not like psychologists to come out and say I think you have this, these are common symptoms this is how it relates to you and this is what we can to to help you cope? Is a step by step ligit in writing plan too much to ask for and just not done? Not having a plan for anything makes me panic even if it doesnt go as planned I need a plan I'm ok with changing it I tend to 20 times anyway but i feel lost and confused with out one.
    slik_kitty responded:
    are you seeing a psychiatrist or just a regular doc and your counselor? i know that on the receipt from a psychiatrist they mark what you are being treated for for insurance purposes. you can check your receipt. in either case, you need to ask your doc what it is you are diagnosed with. if your meds aren't working, then question the diagnosis and seek a second opinion from another psychiatrist.
    emily5887 replied to slik_kitty's response:
    Thank you. I was seeing a councilor who I believe is just a psychologist and in her office they have a Nurse practitioner who prescribed meds I would also see my former PCP who was also a nurse practitioner who would prescribe meds also. The one who worked with my counselor would just go alone with the meds my NP had already given me and just adjusted my dosage. My problem right now is that I'm having a hard time being able to see anyone for any treatment. My family is having legal dealing with the doctor my NP is under so he wont see me any more and I can't find a new doctor and I had problems with the management of the office of my psychologist and it would take a month sometimes to get in because the office last didn't return calls. I'm just looking for suggestions on how to manage at home until I can get the professional I need

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