MY boyfriend is bi-polar
KALM63 posted:
My boyfriend of 19 months is diligent about taking his meds and does see a therapist. He is having daughter drama( 2 daughters , the 21 yr old just moved back home 24 yr old lives close by). He has emotionally cut me off, is in limited contact with me. When I attempted to discuss it with him after 5 weeks of being pushed to the side, figuring he needed space and time to adjust to his daughter movie home ( with her own issues) he snapped at me. I let it go. I am now thinking since he is totally not the man I have known for 19 months that this is an episode of him being bipolar. I do not want to ask any of his family members because that may come back at me ( from him). Help please....
mattthecat responded:
KLAM63 I am a long time supporter. You being with your boy friend 19 months probably means he has not trusted you to be his support person yet. Sound like a tough position to be in. I am a little out of my league here never having a boy friend and all. But I have been around people with bipolar my only advice right now is to hang in there and wait for him to come back to you or move on and see if he sees that you have moved on and tries to get you back with you. If he does take you back and things get serious then you will need to do research and prepare to be his support. This may be an episode but you made it clear he was doing all of the right thing so there is a good chance his councilor or support system will help him getting straight soon if he is having a bad episode. But for now I hope things get better for both of you soon.