Soggy Saturday - daily post may contain TRIGGERS
melly2210 posted:
Morning...and yes it's 3:13 am

Weather: Sticky and wet. Dries the pavement, rains again

Sleep: So far absolutely none. Can't get my mind to shut off

Mood: Conflicted, depressed, still way irritable

Plans: Try to hide all the issues running through my brain from my family. I need to clean the house, but it probably won't get done unless someone else does it. I need to finish the wall mural STILL. I'll figure out something for lunch and dinner. And given no sleep factoring in, maybe nap for a bit.

Hope is that thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops... at all. ~Emily Dickinson
jselleck responded:
Weather: Hot. Nuff said. Could really use some rain.

Sleep: A little short, but hanging in there.

Mood: Okay. Hopeful.

Plans. Watching tv with hubbie, he works late tonight, may walk up to the office and play on their computer for a while. Game I like to play uses too many gigs. Don't really know what I'm gonna do. Hope everyone has a good day.

monkeybee replied to jselleck's response:
Weather: Hot and Humid

Sleep: Not enough but only because of the issue I mentioned.

Mood: Good

Plans: Cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning.