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Bipolar 2 does it worsen with age
finestitcher posted:
I have suffered depression, along with social anxiety, all if my life. I am now 64. None of this was treated until about 10 years ago, and even then, only seriously in the past three years. (I was raised, until age 15, by a violent bipolar schizoeffective OCD father, which hasn't helped me get through life...great genes passed on.

My last hospitalization was two years ago. From there, after six days in the hospital, I went into an outpatient program. The hospital OPP was great and to further tweak meds I have been back once.

I have had countless episodes of depression in my lifetime, a very hard time dealing with a full time job, even though I was very successful. What co-workers, etc didn't see was the paranoia I experienced on a daily basis, especially as my job responsibilities grew, ending with a middle management position that normally required a college education which I did not have. the past few years have passed my depression has worsened, hence the second visit to the hospital OPP. Currently I am in a fourth week of a horrible depressive episode and will be calling tomorrow about returning to the hospital OPP. I believe my meds need to be tweaked again.

I ske anti-depressant, mood stabalzer and anxiety meds.

My biggest question is, does bipolar depression worsen with age.

p.s. I also have Parkinson's disease, insulin dependent type 2 (1.5) diabetes, and tomorrow will find out if I have Gastroparesis.
finestitcher responded:
And my indicator for how bad my depression is, is how angry am I at the world.....make. I hate life....period. Always have, all if my life.
jselleck replied to finestitcher's response:
Well, I'm a poor person to be giving advice on this subject, but I'm gonna take a shot anyway.

I was diagnoised bp2 eight years ago. I've been on a mixture drugs, pratically everything my docs could through at my disease, and I would have to say, yes bp does get worse with age. I know mine has. My husband thinks that it's because I was on anti depressants which made my mania worse. I don't know. I think it's because my mania has actually gotten worse. I don't know about the others on the board, but for myself I can say mine has gotten worse.

finestitcher replied to jselleck's response:
Well, I am a bit flaky. I'm sure my mental illnesses have made me that way after six decades. I have been in a really bad place with depression for a month.

Every day I looked at my seven-day pillbox and wondered why the contents don't look right. Saturday I realized that my lamictal was the missing component. I must have run out and tossed the bottle which i normally don't do until have the refill in hand. Wow, what a difference one stabilizer can make.

I take two stabilizers, one antidepressant, one anxiety. Today I am "normal" again.

Never again will I make that mistake...I was suicidal again, which for me is not surprising since I spend my days that way every day, but my meds keep me in a good place so that those thoughts are very tiny when I take my meds.

I psychologist will happy on Friday to see the normal me, but I am sure I will be nicely scolded.

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