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LilPixie posted:
Hi I'm new here and this is my first post so pls be gentle with me In the past I have mostly worked for myself finding that I can then accept work when I'm well enough and decline/postpone when I'm not. I had hoped to change this though and move into a position that would provide some continuity in lifestyle and finances. I am just moving out of a severe depression and acknowledging that as statistics go I am typical and each episode is worse, more severe and I am seeming to have to make more adaptations in my life to stay healthy. I'm thinking now that this position (due to start September 2014) is merely a dream and probably a recipe for disaster! I am really curious what others do about work? Do you work part time, for yourself, full time, not at all? It seems I should continue to work for myself creatively ....... Ummmmmmm I know it seems like I'm answering my own question! That's because I'm not so much soliciting advice but I am really curious to hear about your experience and recipe for success so that I can add that into my melting pot. Thank you so much for sharing

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jselleck responded:
Welcome to the board. As to your question, I used to work full time. After my diagnoses I found it harder and harder to keep a job. After bouncing from one job to another and only hold two in a 10 year span for any length of time the recession hit and I finally couldn't find another. So I went on disability. I miss working, especially the routine, but this is the reality I have to face. I wish you luck in whatever you decide to do. In my advice, hold on to your freedom as long as you can. My major problem was my boss. I had a jerk of a boss who just didn't understand and a hair trigger temper to boot. Which didn't really go to well in my line of work I guess. (I was in customer service.) Hope you do well in what ever you choose.