Phenomenol Fantasy Friday Post!!! (*may contain triggers*)
skypper posted:
Hi everyone, hope you don't mind if I start the Friday post!

Weather forecast today calls for a bright and sunny high of 95 degrees, not too bad I guess.

Sleep for me was good, I did a ton of exercise yesterday and was exhausted by the time I hit the pillow.

Mood is feeling alright so far, although be it a bit lazy, lol

Plans: Well I *should* go to the gym, maybe I still will even though it's a bit late, then I have to drive my nephew some place to get his truck fixed and clean my house, do some laundry and start packing for a weekend camping trip.

Hope everyone has a great day and weekend!!!!
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bpcookie responded:
Hello my dahlings and sticky

sleep...ok but Im still very tired

mood... ok I think

plans... I am ssssssoooooo very bored. I played LOTRO today and watched some tv in my recliner and my VLSC pain was not bothering me. I then went into the bedroom to watch tv from bed and I noticed that my pain started. Im wondering if the angle that I sit in when I am in bed causes problems with my VLSC. Also I have a yi and I know that always causes problems with my pain issues.

Tonight we will watch a movie and if my LSC behaves then me and hubby with play LOTRO together.

Have a great Friday and weekend. muahs
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margaroo replied to bpcookie's response:
Good afternoon/evening my friends:

Weather: In the high 80's.

Sleep: OK, but I am dying to take a nap.

Mood: OK. The kind when you are dragging inside and want to hide, but I am putting on a face to get the stuff done that has been waiting for 6 weeks.

Plans: I have cleaned up the junk and spam from my main account. How did I get on these mail lists? It took me over an hour to clean up 6 weeks worth. I have at least 3 more jobs to do before I am done.

Not much else. Pain is there, but the meds help. My husband is in a weird mood and he really irritates me. My new baby Rosie is sleeping at my feet. She is the reason I can get up and do stuff.

I hope everyone gets a moment of peace of fun during the weekend.


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