Manic Monday Daily Bipolar Post/ possible triggers
bpcookie posted:
Hello my Beeper dahlings, Mondays, uuugggggghhhhh.

Weather: hot

Sleep: not good

Mood: pretty good

Plans: I've kept myself busy playing LOTRO. My VLSC pain hasn't been too bad but its not cured either. I've been having 2 to 4 hour periods of either no pain or very little pain. Then, bam, it hits me. I am thankful for the hours that I don't have pain. Need to do some chores and play with my dog. I have unfinished craft projects and I just can't find that creative mind set, to finish them.

Hope you all had a pleasant weekend. muahs
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melly2210 responded:
Afternoon beepers

Weather: sizzling

Sleep: Little to none...I'm exhausted

Mood: Depressed, angry, anxious

Plans: Last few days have been horrible for me emotionally. I've had ideations and started a plan but stopped, asked myself wtf I was doing and back peddled. I am better tonight. I have phone calls to make and try to balance a budget because hubs went out and did it again. <big sigh> I need rest, but don't see it happening. And I need a day for one responsibilities, where I can do as I please.

Cookie - Keep feeling better!

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