Need someone that can understand what I am going through and vise -versa
flasunshine62 posted:
Hello my name is Sandy ,When it gets dark ..It gets really dark ...Noises are driving me mad ...No one that I can talk to that would or could understand me.Need to find a pen pal so we can help lift each other up.. when it just feels hopeless...Is there any body out there ...Feeling very alone and My husband isn't helping either when he tells me I am crazy ...I had a very rough weekend.Thanks Sandy
1963lostwoman responded:
understand what you are going through. i can be a good listener; i am not sure about more since to go through the same thing. i am here though. denise
flasunshine62 replied to 1963lostwoman's response:
Thank you so much for responding to me. Just knowing there are other people out there that understand and care means the world to me..Not that I would ever want anyone to have to go through this.Thank you for caring.Sandy
Queenie96 replied to flasunshine62's response:
I understand what you are going through as well. You are certainly NOT alone. I am always willing to talk or listen.

ddnos responded:
Hello flasunshine62, I would be interested in corresponding - maybe you could click on my ID (ddnos) and read "My Story" that tells just a little bit about me, and if you'd like, drop me a line at

Forgiveness is letting go of the hope that the past could have been any different --Unknown
flasunshine62 replied to ddnos's response:
That sounds great to me Debbie ...I will write to you through your e-mail .