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Taking lamictal, not working well, not sure what to try next.
daela posted:
I had been on Efffexor for several years, then it stopped working? I had a major episode and toke an overdose of Effexor, ended up in hospital. At mental health facility, I was prescribed Lamictal. I have been taking for 3 months, but just feel so out of it. Lazy, unable to focus, still irritable. Want to try something else that will help with irritability without causing this lazy, sleepy, unfocused feeling. Suggestions! Am thinking about Geodon.
Joseph F Goldberg, MD responded:
Dear daela,

The three FDA-approved treatments for bipolar depression are Seroquel, Latuda, and olanzapine plus fluoxetine combination. Geodon (and also Abilify) were shown in research studies to be the same as placebo for bipolar depression. Lamictal is a drug that's been shown to help prevent future episodes but is not an established treatment for here-and-now depression.

Under "Resources" there should be a link to some videos in which I discuss evidence-based treatments for bipolar depression, which, if you have a look, you might then discuss with your doctor and see what he or she would recommend.

Dr. G.