worrying change in behaviour specially sexual.
An_252922 posted:
have been diagnosed with mixed type of bipolar. i am on depakene for 3 years now. my most worrying problem is a marked change in my behaviour specially sexual. have a very increased uncontrolled sexual desire. it has so far not caused any problems but i can't even discuss it with my wife.
the medication has helped me in controlling other mood changes but not this issue.
i just wanted to discuss this with someone.
finnessawilliams responded:
So many people are not willing to talk about the hypersexuality that comes with Bipolar. I am going through with this now, but seems to be a bit more manageable.
To be honest, I have gone on Craigslist many times determined to meet someone, but masturbated to bring down the urges.
Bipolar diagnosed people, especially I's have a tendency to have hypersexuality as one of their symptoms. I started doing the research, it really wasn't because my doctor took special note of this symptom.
I've read that most doctors don't want to touch this particular symptom with a 10 foot pole. I mean, most laypeople don't want to touch this subject. The fact there have been no responses to your post in 4 days.
When I'm medicated, the urge does down some, but not a lot. You should bring up this symptom to your doctor. He could prescribe something different, and it could shift your mixed diagnosis into a more solid one. I think you should also find ways to help with the urges, they can be a bitch and I have some strong triggers when it comes to sex. Get to know your triggers.
Also you may not want to share this, but don't hide if from your significant other. It can keep your relationship on track. If you hide this and the urges become to strong, it can manifest in destructive behavior that could possibly destroy your life.

I hope this information helps you. I know doing the research online has helped me greatly!
bpcookie responded:
Hello, Why cant you discuss this with your wife? Part of being married is being able to talk about things. I understand though ,that some partners wouldnt understand.

There was a time when I experienced hyper sexuality. What a horrible feeling. Only ppl. who have went through this could truely understand. Luckily for me, it only lasted about six to eight month.

Although I dont have any suggestions, I just wanted to let you know that your not alone.
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