hi peopp
bitzygirl posted:
new to site...hi everyone.I like being able to talk to those who know what being bi polar feels like...I am not taking my meds because I have no insurance and am waiting for my disability insurance in 2 months to kick in
ilovefrogs6971 responded:
I definitely have had a roller coaster ride with this. All I can say is do whatever you can to stay on your meds. Everyone is different some people have worse manic episodes then others. I just had one that I almost lost my family over. 3 Yr manic episode. If you would like to talk more let me know. I can tell you what works for me.
ddnos responded:
Welcome to the board, bitzygirl!

I would suggest that you contact http://www.pparx.org/ to see if you qualify for free medication while you are waiting for your disability insurance. Or, you can just call them at 1.888.477.2669 and they can tell you over the phone if you qualify or not. It sure beats the repercussions of having to go without your meds, you know?

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