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Anon_164477 posted:
I am looking at ECT as I have tried medication after medication with no relief. Any thoughts recommendations?

I would appreciate Dr G's opinion also
momuv4girls responded:
This link isn't about ECT, but it is about "next generation therapies". Saw it this morning, and thought about your post.

Take care!!
Joseph F Goldberg, MD responded:
Dear Anon,

ECT remains the most effective known treatment for depression of any kind, and most if not all practice guidelines advise that it deserves serious consideration in depressions that do not respond to multiple medication trials. Medicines that aren't very effective in resolving a depression are sometimes nevertheless effective in preventing a relapse after ECT, otherwise, continuation or maintenance ECT is sometimes recommended to reduce relapse risk, since the benefits of ECT, if a response occurs, typically are transient and some strategy needs to be in place to prevent relapse (whether that strategy is a medication approach or just maintenance ECT).

Dr. G.