Going it at home
jmpoet posted:
I posted here a few days ago that I was hospital bound, but have since decided to try to recover at home. I'm starting back on 10mg of Abilify, and am taking up to four doses a day of Xanax to help when the anxiety springs up. I'm hopeful that as the Abilify gets back into my system that things stabilize and I will need the Xanax less and less. I'm taking a medical leave from work for a few weeks. Just can't face going into my day to day job.

I don't want to jeopardize my job by being unstable there, but the days at home alone stretch out into a vast expanse. My fiance' is obviously not able to stay home every day with me, although he is on call to come home early if need be and work from home. I feel guilty calling him all upset, so am trying to just deal with it myself.

This has been over three weeks of not feeling like myself, having massive anxiety, etc. I'm ready to be back to good.

Anyone else out there recover from a mood episode at home? I have my therapy appointment tomorrow morning and then see my psychiatrist on Wednesday afternoon. Maybe he'll up the Abilify dose, maybe he'll still recommend that I admit myself to the hospital. I just feel that trying to recover at home is the least invasive way of going about things.

Any advice is appreciated.
bpcookie responded:
Hello, I used to have terrible problems with anxiety. It drove me nuts. Anxiety is difficult to handle. I hope that your medication will help you soon.

If your insdie your house, open all the window shades to let the sun in, it willhelp your mood. Also if possible, get outside and if you can,go for a walk. Sitting inside a dark house will only cause depression.

You need a support system, so if you have a family member or friend to talk to, it will help a lot.

I hope you stabalize real soon.Take care.
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jmpoet replied to bpcookie's response:
Hi bpcookie,

Thanks for your response. Yes, I have the shades and windows open (it's beautiful weather even in August where I'm at!) so the breeze is trickling in and I can hear the birds chirping. I've been trying to get outside as much as possible, whether it's to go for a latte, or a walk. Anything to get me outside and in real life.

I've been talking to my family and friends via email and phone, and my fiance' has been making it a priority to come home from work early each day to spend time with me. We're making it work. I see my psychiatrist tomorrow afternoon. We'll see what he says. If he's still adamant on the inpatient route, I just might say yes. Recovering at home is difficult when you're by yourself most of the time. Perhaps the hospital is the place for me.

Thanks for the advice!