dissociative episodes-possible trigger
ducky200318 posted:
Does anyone have any experience with dissociative episodes and self harm. I am considered a self-harmer by my providers I guess you can call them that. I have only consciously harmed four times total. All the other elf-harm took place while I was "Zoning Out" or having a dissociattive episode. I would wake up or come out of it with everything bandaged and cleaned up. I am not currently harming in any manner like that now what is happening is that I am having longer and longer dissociative episodes. I have a therapist that I just started seeing because I was ok and then I realized I was zoning out for long long periods. I guess I need to know if anyone has any experience in turning this defensive mechinism off.
slik_kitty responded:
if you can catch yourself before you dissociate, focus on something in the here and now. if you're sitting, focus on the chair. what does it feel like on your hands. what does it look like. how does the floor feel under your feet. focus on music. see if you can tell the different musical instruments playing. pay attention to the words and the voice inflections. focus on a game on the puter. put your whole attention to it. the key is to focus on the present so you don't dissociate.

also, you need to work with your therapist about why you are dissociating. what is it that you are trying to get away from?