no ambition or desire, help!!
An_253524 posted:
hi everyone, I'm new to this site. I have bipolar and ocd. I have been in a really bad low since march of this year..I have since gone back to work and I am struggling to even get myself there somedays. I have low energy, and my levels are all fine, I just have no motivation or desire anymore....and I love what I do. Any suggestions..anyone else have a similar situation? I want me back!!

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davedsel responded:

Do you have a trusted therapist you can talk to? You need to talk to someone face to face that can help you get through this. I fully understand as I had many times like this when I was working. For now you have to push yourself to do the best you can at work, and then get the help you need. If you are on medication than you need to discuss this with the doctor that prescribes the meds for you as well.

I pray you can get answers and relief soon. Stay strong!
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slik_kitty responded:
welcome to the board. are you seeing a psychiatrist? are you on meds? if you are in a low for that long, then something isn't working right.