Thursday daily bipolar post/poss. trigger
bpcookie posted:
Hello my dahlings

weather, still too hot for me

sleep, good

mood, ok

plans, clean house. Tonight we have friends coming over to watch football and eat pizza. Im just praying that my pain will be a low level. So far my vlsc isnt too bad but my back, neck, shoulders and hips already hurt. uuuggghhhh its always something.

Have a good day, hugs and muahs
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davedsel responded:
Hello everyone.

Weather: Nice. Sunny and in the 70's.

Sleep: Good.

Mood: Not so good. A bit depressed and dscouraged due to higher chronic pain levels.

Plans: Did not do much today. Went grocery shopping yesterday which puts both my wonderful wife and me down for two days. Hoping the pain will be less tomorrow.

Hope you are all having a blessed and thankful Thursday.
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ddnos replied to davedsel's response:
Dave, I'm sorry you are in so much pain to day and hope that it eases up a lot before the end of the day!

Hang in there!
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