Shhhhh...Saturday - daily post may contain TRIGGERS
Mellykins2013 posted:
Morning all....

Weather: Sunny but dry...should be a nice day

Sleep: Restless. Usually I relish having the bed to myself, but not the last few days.

Mood: Aggitated, frustrated and scared

Plans: I was going to do a garage sale to get rid of a few things this morning, but don't feel like putting anything out. Maybe tomorrow. Going to walk the freaking 4 miles to the bus stop, spend 2 hours on the bus, and visit hubs for an hour or so...repeat to get home. Day shot. Feel like I have to go. He sound like crappola over the phone. Says his sugar is so high and out of control they are having to do insulin shots which he's never had to do before. They're thinking ketoacidosis which given the number of the symptoms he has, could be fatal. I just really need a damn break. Just one.

Hope everyone else has a better Saturday than I am.