Ack!!! It's Thursday!!! Daily post. possible triggers
jselleck posted:
Afternoon my darling beeper friends. It's so good to be back, at least I think I am. we've got our computer back, and I hope to be more active in the community again.

So here goes:

Weather: Lookin' good. Not sure how warm it's supposed to be, mid 70's I think.

Sleep: Like a baby. In fact got too much sleep and didn't get an errand run that needed to be done. Guess I should have set an alarm.

Mood: Pretty good.

Plans: Clean house a little, do laundry, and eventually get back to the story I'm writting. Yep, I'm trying my hand at something I always wanted to do. If everything goes well, I will be an inspriational romance writter. I'm excited about it. Everyone who's read what I've written so far have been very encouraging. And like I told our marraige counselor, it gives me something to do. So that's my day. Hope everyone has a good one. (((((((HUGS)))))))

slik_kitty responded:
glad to see you back!