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Dr. G - med combination
ddnos posted:
Hi Dr. G.

I take both Provigil and Lorazepam - but I've never had to take them both at the same time. I take Lorazepam on an as-needed basis for help with sleep (over the past 2 months, have only taken 10, 1mg pills each month). The only time I have taken Lorazepam for anxiety was about 4 years ago when I had temporary issues with going off Nardil. I take Provigil as needed as well, but the past year, that "as-needed" has been more often.

Well, for the first time this morning I'm faced with the dilemma of is it Ok to take both lorazepam and provigil at the same time (just today)? It seems rather counter-productive because one has a sedative effect and the other a stimulant. I simply had to take 2 lorazepam this morning and was going to take a provigil too until I realized what I did.

I didn't take a provigil yesterday because I didn't think I needed to, but it turned out that I did, but it was too late when I realized and I ended up sleeping half the day. So I was going to take one this morning so as not to have repeat performance. Now I'm afraid that I'm likely to go back to sleep because of the lorazepam i felt i needed to take..........sigh..I'm sorry ot be rambling. Im sure I oculd have asked my question in one or two sentences. I'm sorry.

Thank you
Forgiveness is letting go of the hope that the past could have been any different --Unknown
Joseph F Goldberg, MD responded:
Dear Debbie,

There is no contraindication to taking lorazepam plus Provigil, though much would depend on what you're aiming to achieve. While lorazepam is sometimes used as a sleep aid at night, it is also an effective anti-anxiety medicine, and if being used for the latter, sedation sometimes comes as an unwanted side effect, for which a wakefulness-promoter such as Provigil may be quite appropriate. (At the same time, if someone is taking lorazepam during the daytime for anxiety but getting sedated, lowering the dose would probably be the first logical step to minimize sedation.)

Dr. G.
ddnos replied to Joseph F Goldberg, MD's response:
Dr. G.

Thank you. I knew that there were no drug interactions with Provigil and Lorazepam in and of itself; I just wasn't sure if it was counter productive to take one with the other since I have never run into that. I have used lorazepam for anxiety in the past for a brief time, but currently only take it at night (occasionally) for sleep. But your explanation makes sense to me, so thank you.

Forgiveness is letting go of the hope that the past could have been any different --Unknown

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