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Grandson that has been diagnosed with Bi-Polar
mammy58 posted:
I have 3 grandchildren that live with parents that fight 24/7, cuss, smoke pot, and spank the children. She is a so called mother!! She has only let the kids spend one weekend with us and one week. We live 2 hours away but my husband was a paramedic and I was an EMT and my husband is also in law enforcement. She hates us and we have not done anything to make her hate us. My grandson wanted to talk to me on the phone tonight and she would not let him because he screamed at her, she screams at them all the time, so I told her maybe I could talk to him and tell him not to talk to his mother that way and she said it has already been taken care of, so I said fine and hung up. I don't believe this child is Bi-Polar I believe it is just the conditions he is living under!!! Any advise? Everytime we see them they say they wished they could live with us because we are the only ones that don't yell at them, we set them down and explain things to them. Thx hillbillymomma58
slik_kitty responded:
there's not much you can do about that. his parents are his guardians, and unless you want to go the route of obtaining custody of the kids, you have no say in their medical care.

it could be environmental, but it also could be bp. we can't tell you that. we are just lay people, not docs.
momuv4girls responded:
If it is true that they spank the children and smoke pot, I would call CPS and let them investigate.

Poor kids : (

mammy58 replied to slik_kitty's response:
Thank you very much for taking your time to reply to my quest. I just really feel that it is the environment they are living in and realize that the only way to get them out is to try to adopt them. Update: My dtr-in-law took my grandson off his meds after first reporting he was a changed child while on them and then saying they did not help at all!!! SHE wound up taking the rest of HIS MEDS herself!!!!
God Bless you Slik_Kitty,
mammy58 replied to momuv4girls's response:
My husband and I have thought about this, however when I divorced my grandsons biological father, his mother called CPS on me and said I did not clothe the children, feed the children, love the children, etc. My father was with me when the gentleman came to the house, and my father never cussed, or really got mad about things, but he was furious about this. The gentleman was told by my Dad that I spent 24/7 with these two boys and the ex was never home. We were going thru the divorce then and I asked the gentleman, "I know you can't tell me who reported me but I know it was my soon to be ex-mother-in-law. The gentleman nodded in the affirmative and said with a smile your right I can't tell you that. Nothing became of this and I was moving to another county and told him and he said he would send them the info that it amounted to nothing. Extremely nice man!! Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question momuv4girls!!! It is very much appreciated!!! God Bless, and thx, Mammy58

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