Finally Friday Semi-Daily Post/ poss. trigs
bpcookie posted:
Hello Dahlings

Weather: really nice

Sleep: ok

Mood: ok

Plans: Watch something on tv with hubby. If my pain lvl is low then I will play LOTRO with hubby. Eat stuff that isnt good for me.

Thats about it. Hope your all doing well. muahs
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mercygive responded:
Cookie Sweetz - I hope you feel better to play LOTRO tonight and thank you for your card.

Weather: Sunny and chilly

Sleep: Good but hard to wake.

Mood: Relaxed and indifferent

Plans: I had this week off to do house repairs. I am running out of steam and having a stare down with box loads of paper and files from 10 years ago that need shredding"026play with dog, make dinner, read and watch a movie tonight.

To all - Have a good day and hugz to those who need them
A little yoga goes a long way