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    Just introducing myself
    eeyorecrew posted:
    Hello. I am a privacy nut, so for this reason, my name is " ~S~ ". Sorry, I'm a tad paranoid about privacy....this isn't a mental issue, just a recognition of how things I type online may be monitored without my permission or a warrant.

    That said, I'm glad I found this board.

    I am, in addition to other things, Bi-Polar.

    The other things are: PTSD, Borderline Personality d/o, Anxiety, Major Depressive d/o......along with being Diabetic, having high cholesterol, chronic pain (RSD) for which I have a morphine pain pump, high triglycerides, low T, and I think that's it.

    So, you can see from this that I am pretty much a wreck both mentally and physically, if you look at the surface and these diagnoses.

    Quite to the contrary, I'm ok most of the time. Bi-Polar is what eats me up. I cycle through mania and depression at least probably 6 times per month. I'm learning to control some stuff that I am able to control, I am on meds for those that I can't, and when all else fails, well, I just go 2-5 days without sleep.

    So, glad to be here. Hope to share helpful things I've learned, and hope to learn some more.

    God be with you all this day, and Merry Christmas upcoming to you all as well.

    Peace & Blessings

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    eeyorecrew responded:
    hi, sorry, I screwed up the poll and can't figure out how to edit my post...just ignore the poll; Thanks. ~S~
    bpcookie responded:
    Hello Eeyore, Its nice to meet you and welcome to the board.

    Im so sorry to hear that your chronic pain is so severe that you have to have a morphine pump. I really feel for you. I suffer from chronic pain and there are others on this board who also suffer from pain. Its so difficult to keep your spirits up when your in daily pain.

    Anyways, keep your hands and feet in the cart at all times while it is in motion and enjoy the ride. (if only huh?) Take care
    Please join my community called GRUMPY GROUPIES ( ) Fun and serious topics, nothing is taboo. So get on over there. Weirdo's are welcomed.
    ssmiddy responded:
    At least 3 and sometimes 4-6....but only that many in high stress periods of time, I.e., the Holiday Season....

    The 23rd of December I was so friggin manic it took 600mg of Seroquel, 100mg of Lamictal, 10mg of Ambien, and 10mg Valium to knock me out of a suicidal period. And I still locked up my sidearm, and gave my wife my car and med box keys, plus had her sleep downstairs on the couch to monitor in case woke up. All this was in cooperation with my therapist and psychiatrist. I was reeeeesl close to havin to go to the hospital.... Usually doesn't get thAt bad tho. Typically I'll just be up a couple days pinging off the wall or spending money I shouldn't and stuff like that.

    I expect this month to be better!

    Ya all take care )

    arianne8 responded:
    Well, during the last month, it was difficult to keep it down to one or two per day, but I am pretty confused about my phases because I feel like experiencing many variations and I switch pretty fast....

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