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Bipolar disorder
emokid95 posted:
Hi . I was diagnosed with mood disorder but I think I have bipolar disorder. One minute I could be happy, the next I could be angry or depressed. Also I listen to death metal and death core. Does that have an effect on it? Plus I was also diagnosed with ADHD, depression, and anxiety. Along with music, does my taste in fps video games have an effect on my temper?
Joseph F Goldberg, MD responded:
Dear emokid95,
Bipolar disorder doesn't particularly involve minute-to-minute changes in mood. Instead, it has more to do with changes from your usual mood state that involve unusually high energy, not needing much sleep if any, and a fast rate of thinking and talking. An episode usually lasts for at least a few days if not weeks until then eventually going back to a normal state. "Mood disorder" is a non-specific way of describing a problem with moods (and includes all mood disorders, from unipolar depression to bipolar disorder to dysthymia to cyclothymia to other kinds of mood problems), but mood in and of itself is only a small portion of what defines bipolar illness. Temper, or temperament, is linked to personality and varies from person to person. It's "hard wired" and not so much altered by the environment. A careful evaluation by a psychiatrist should be able to help you better understand the nature of the mood changes you're experiencing, and whether they're linked to the high-energy symptoms that define bipolar disorder or else some other type of problem.
Dr. G.