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lamictal rash
chattychattykathy posted:
My doc just stopped my Lamictal as I developed a rash 3 days ago. I googled it and it didn't look like the "lamictal rash" so I ignored it until it really flared up. Now it looks like the lamictal rash although I am not sick feeling. I have been off Lamictal for 24hrs and am having another rash flare up-bumps going from small/slightly raised and minimal itching to very raised and feeling the need to rip by eyeballs out. I am a nurse, my airway is I am not worried about some acute reaction...but my body is definitely reacting to something......Maybe I am allergic to myself!!!
Joseph F Goldberg, MD responded:
Dear chattychattykathy,
Serious Lamictal rashes, which are most common in the first 8 weeks of treatment, are not allergic reactions but rather hypersensitivity reactions, often with systemic involvement. Stopping the drug is key but if the rash is persisting it would make sense to contact your doctor so he or she can evaluate and recommend whether a topical steroid, oral antihistamine, or possibly oral steroid is indicated.
Dr. G.