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My first manic episode
futilethewinds posted:
I previously thought I had a classic case of ADHD/general depression, but now I'm having my first manic episode, and I'm just not sure.

I don't want to fall in love with the mania, it could get me in trouble... but I just feel so damn GOOD right now. More calm than I've ever been. I am patient with electronics and people more than ever before. I feel like I'm floating, but I'm just sitting in bed with my laptop.

On the plus side, I now understand people who are bipolar better. I never previously understood why they would choose NOT to take their medication, knowing what trouble they could get into.

I keep having to block and unblock Facebook because I'm myself on there and almost everything's set to public, and I'm job hunting right now. This has never been a problem before, because I just didn't say things offensive on Facebook. Now I don't even see the line... I just jump over it and go "Nyah nyah!" *sigh*
designmom651 responded:
While mania is "fun" and euphoric, it never leads into anything good. The longer it goes the more trouble that can happen. I also was diagnosed with ADD but this summer I went manic for several months. Leading me to embarrass myself on facebook with highly religious post (was never religious before). To "helping the homeless" where they totally took advantage of my kindness. Plus the delusions and hallucinations. In the end of it, I quit my high paying job, and went 16k in debt. Then in the hypomanic state I let a man that I met at the psch ward move into my home. Then came the worse part which was over a month a suicidal depression. SO NOT WORTH IT. I would highly suggest being careful and making sure you are working with pdocs asap before you have a horror story like mine. I wouldn't wish it on my worse enemy. Medication is key, even if that means checking yourseslf into a hospital (like I did) to get help and meds.
Best wishes and prayers for you,

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