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Akathisia or anxiety?
asurvivor777 posted:
Hi all and Dr. G,

I recently went up on my dosage of Zyprexa from 10 mg to 15 mg. I noticed I had these nervous feeling in the morning after up until late afternoon. I'm not sure what it is, I did take some Klonopin and it helped somewhat. Any thoughts on what to do and what to tell my pdoc.

Joseph F Goldberg, MD responded:
Dear asurvivor777,
Zyprexa, like all antipsychotics, can sometimes cause dose-related akathisia, which is an inner restless feeling. Benzodiazepines like Klonopin, as well as beta blockers like Inderal, can often help manage akathisia. Dose reductions also can often diminish it. Anxiety, by contrast, would presumably become less (not more) as the dosage of an antipsychotic is increased, and presumably would have been present before the antipsychotic was started, rather than newly arising after it was begun. A discussion of these kinds of features should help you and your doctor figure out if what you're experiencing is more likely one than the other

Dr. G.