I'm trying to catch up on everyone's posts
reneegigliotti posted:
Hi All,

Monday and Tuesday night's Seders were soooo much fun. Back to work tomorrow. Imagine that, I took 2 days off from work that didn't involve being psychotically manic or suicidally depressed! Imagine that. I took a (hypo manic) normal vacation!

Anyway, I haven't turned on any electronics for 2 days so I'm behind on what everyone is up to. I got a voice mail message that I just picked up. My continuous glucometer was received, downloaded, and the data sent to my endocrinologist. I hope there's something useful in all that data. I'll keep you posted.

Mood-wise, I'm a little less hypomanic. I talked to my psychiatrist before Passover on Sunday. He put me back on Klonopin and, well because I missed some Depakote doses, he got me back on track with that as well. I lost my entire bottle of Depakote last Tuesday. I was way short on cash to replace it and I knew I was getting paid on Friday. I just thought I could hold out till Friday. Well by Friday I was definitely hypomanic and I didn't know how to restart the Depakote. I debated whether to call my psychiatrist (knowing he'd be less than thrilled with me) but I was a grown-up and called. He told me what to do and gave me a little lecture. I felt guilty. I didn't think 4 days would make that much difference. Well, it did. Moral of the story, don't miss doses.

ddnos responded:
Hey there Renee, nice to see you! I'm glad you had a fun time for your Seders nights! Cool taking 2 days off work for reasons other than psych related!

Re missing your meds - this wouldn't cover missing a while bottle, but I keep 5 or 7 days worth of all my meds in my purse so that if I ever forget to take my meds (which rarely happens, but it has) or if some kind of emergency, at least I will have a week's worth of meds on me. I change them out with new meds about ever 6 months so that I don't end up with old and ineffective meds that are 5 yrs old lol - anyway, just a thought for future reference.

I'm sitting here at my puter listening to new music artists, and then another.....lol I can get lost on youtube listening to/watching music or watching dance.

Take care
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