Back to me
monkeybee posted:
My husband told me last night that I seemed back to myself. This was a most wonderful, HUGE compliment. After 2 years of madness in one form or another, I am finally in a place of such stability and peace that those closest to me are noticing. I'm praying I will stay on this path! It feels relieving and very good.
sweetypie295 responded:
That is so wonderful to hear I am glad your feel good too.

I pray I can say the same thing to my husband struggling.
monkeybee replied to sweetypie295's response:
Thank you sweetypie295. I hope you will be able to say the same for your husband too! It was a long hard road and I am almost certain it won't last forever but I pray it does or at least for years to come like it has in the past. I have bipolar I but I have gone 8 years with no episodes in the past. I read your other post and I agree that it is vital for your husband to get help. I hope you can find someone who can relate to your particular situation. In the meantime I am here to talk.
slik_kitty responded:
so glad you are doing better! i hope it lasts too.