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New doctor
whyme86 posted:
I just moved from North Carolina to Alabama and I am seeing my new psych doctor on Friday and am very nervous. I had the same doctor in NC for 16 years and don't know what to expect; if he will change my meds, think I'm really "crazy"( not in DSM manual). I am on 5 different meds for my Bipolar and don't know what to expect. My Lithium level is on the low end of normal (0.6) and am apprehensive about changes since I have been on them a long time. What do I do?
ddnos responded:
Hi there - do you feel like you are stable on your current meds? If you are, then you need to let your new doctor know this; if you don't want your meds to be changed, you don't have to. For your experience with your pdoc to be as successful as possible, then you need to be a part of the process. You need to communicate to him all of your concerns re your meds and what's going on in your life, ie. if struggling with any area, because he can't help you if you don't talk with him.

But back to your meds - if you don't feel that you are stable on your meds, OR, if your doc looks at what you are on and he may see that, for example, one of the meds is redundant, he may want to remove that one - but if you aren't stable on what you're on, you need to let him know - no sense in staying on a combo of meds that aren't working for you, right? So let him do his job, but at the same time, speak up if you are uncomfortable or not sure about something he's doing. You have some say so in this.

I know that it can sometimes be hard seeing a new doc when you've been with one for so long; believe me, I know - but maybe you will like the new doc as much or even more as your old one, huh? Try to go to your appt with a hopeful attitude and give the new doc a chance. He won't be the same as your former doc, but that's ok, so try to not compare him. You will be fine, I'm sure!

Oh, if you have concerns or questions that you knwo about ahead of time, write them down to bring to appt - that always helps.

Take care
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backwoodsdiva responded:
Well hello fellow Alabamian. I hope you enjoy living here. I would feel the same way you do. I've been with my doctor over 20 years. I think Debbie gave great advise so I will leave that alone. Except to say perhaps you should just tell your doctor exactly what you just wrote here. He/she will understand. I'm sure they have seen this before. And if you did run into any trouble there are many options here. I would be willing to help put you in touch if you need it.
whyme86 replied to backwoodsdiva's response:
Thank you so much. I might take you up on that. I have had 3 visits with a therapist after moving and still e-mail my old one from time to time.
whyme86 replied to ddnos's response:
My doctor started me on Zyprexia for anxiety/panic DO, one drug I have never heard of. I have a history of prescription drug abuse and told him I cannot take Benzos because I black out for days on them. I will have 6 years clean in June and don't want to take any meds either with a script or not. My sobriety means more to me than that. Thanks for responding.

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