lamictal rash
kiddom posted:

i've taken lamictal for nervous breakdown (still don't know how on earth this psychiatrist prescribed it to me) but after 2 days at 50mg, he made me take 200mg for 4 days and rash broke.

now after a week of corticosteroids and antihistamines things looks better but i'm wondering how much time will take for this dose of lamictal to get out of my system? it's been 13 days since the last intake.. so probably is out already? or i just hope..
slik_kitty responded:
it should be out of your system by now. i'm amazed that your doc upped the level so fast. there's a reason for slowly titrating up on the med. that rash is dangerous. glad it got better.
kiddom replied to slik_kitty's response:
thank you for the kind replay. i'm definitely never visiting a psychiatrist for mild nervousness problems - i just went there for some sleeping pills and he made me believe that i have more serious problems.

but yeah, i've read that lamictal stays long (around 5 days) in your system after being taken that explains why this rush isn't that wasy to fight with.