Making up stories
lostinbipol posted:
My husband was diagnosed with bipolar 2, 12 years ago. Lamictal was prescribed then by a psychiatrist who did not follow up with regular therapy and gave no information as to what to expect. I have been reading and trying to inform myself but there are a lot of areas unknown to me. We have been married for 40 + years, his behavior has increasingly become strange. He makes up stories of having seen things that never happened, he has acted secretively to me. I need some insight as to the way he is acting is normal for this condition.
mercygive responded:
Welcome to the board. I think it's great that you have supported your husband all these years. A book to read for more information about bipolar disorder is The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide by David J. Miklowitz, PhD. I don't know if making up stories and being secretive are bipolar symptoms for your husband, but it sounds like he needs to find another psychiatrist to re-evaluate his treatment plan. Good luck in your search.
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monkeybee responded:
Lying and telling stories are not symptoms of Bipolar Disorder, but I do think one's thinking is so unclear when manic that one can, at times, say or do about anything. When I was a teen, I told elaborate lies. This is and was out of my character. I did it while manic and to impress my mentor. These were not typical teenage lies, they were manipulative, extremely hurtful (perhaps even evil), self-serving lies. I would say that it CAN happen although it isn't a symptom. While I was unwell at the time, I hold full responsibility still. I have never done such a thing since and pray I never do again. Now, I have been psychotic before and have BELIEVED I have seen and heard things that are not real. Could this be the case? Either way, a new psychiatrist or a call to your current psychiatrist is a must. This is a serious disorder and it sounds like your husband's behavior is escalating. Good luck to you.
ginpene responded:
Yeah, I would recommend a re-evaluation. Our minds change as we age, and he may need a different or additional med, perhaps a different diagnosis even. Good luck. gp