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Hey Everyone!!!!! Missed you all.
beej5 posted:
Beej is baaaaaaaccccckkkk. I sure missed this board. Its been ages since I've posted. I have been unstable for 4 freakin years until my doc and I finally found the right combo of meds for me. I am very happy to tell you that I am doing MUCH better. I had to move out of my apt and move into a group home as lots of people say would be a better place for me until I am stable. Let me tell you, this place has made a huge difference since the last group home I was in last year. This place is very nice and great staff. As kitty seen me post on FB, I am finally coming back around and doing more than what I did before.

My med combo is Trileptal(mood stablizer) 600mgs, Lexapro (AD) 20mgs, Ativan(anti-anxiety) 1mg 4x daily, and Ambien 10 mgs for sleep and Seroquel 3 50mgs daily and 200mgs at night.

Got the correct dx finally so I can be treated as quickly as possible. My dx is bipolar 1, Schizo Affective Disorder, and borderline personality disorder.

Man I went through hell and back. I am a much happier person now.

Now for fun Beej grabs the biggest water gun and squirts it at Kitty, Snowy and Cookster. Catch me if you can!!!!!!!!!!!! Beej is running -------> (laughing hysterically)
slik_kitty responded:
yay it's beej!!!! now where did i put my water gun!
ddnos responded:
Hey there Beej! Great to see you here! I'm glad that you are doing well and that you had the opportunity to do what it took to get you there!! Wooo hoooo!!! To be stable and happy - what a gift! I'm happy for you!

I look forward to hearing more from you!

As you may have noticed, it's been pretty slow around here of late - of long late. lol It occassionally gets a bit busier at times, then slows down to almost a halt for a day or two. So maybe you can help liven things up again, eh? lol

Oh, and I'd watch out for Kitty if I were you! She can be a sneaky one for sure! lol

Have a great day!
"Live without pretending; Love without depending; Listen without defending; Speak without offending"--Drake
ddnos replied to slik_kitty's response:
HEy Kitty, from what I can tell, you've found your water gun, missy! lol

"Live without pretending; Love without depending; Listen without defending; Speak without offending"--Drake
bpcookie responded:
Beej honey, good to see you back and Im glad that your doing so well.

hhhmmmm, sounds like a water fight to me. *Cookie pushes Beej in the swimming pool, throws lime jello at Debbie's head and turns the garden hose on Kitty and soaks her*
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slik_kitty replied to ddnos's response:
squirtle don't need no water gun. lol
ibex7 responded:
Hooray for Beej!

Treat yourself to a nice warm wet nuzzle - Goat
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