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Mishmash Monday BP post
margaroo posted:
Hello, my friends, how are you today?





Anything else?

What do you like best about yourself ( come on, everyone has something they feel good about)
robbie2shoes responded:
Weather: rainy

Sleep: slept good could of slept more...

Mood: good

Plans: already seen my Pdoc this a.m. ( all is good)

Anything else? Naaaaaaaa not yet.....

margaroo responded:
Getting close to Easter, who is looking forward to the chocolate bunnies, or you a marshmallow chick person?

Weather: Another day in paradise. Sunny, blue skies, should be in the low 80's.

Sleep: Worked both Sat and Sun nights, so I am looking forward to a long nap.

Mood: I feel pretty good. Had an easy night at work, but my sciatica pain is the worst it has been in years, so that kind of puts a damper on my mood.

Plans: Long nap then, if my leg allows, start a thorough cleaning of the house.

Anything else: I know I have mentioned this before, but I am so excited, I can't stop gushing. My daughter, who became engaged last week, will be visiting with her fiance this weekend. It is wonderful to hear the happiness in her voice. I can't wait to see her beaming face.

What do I like about myself? I care about others a lot, so I go out of my way to help and make them feel accepted. There is too much negative forces in our lives. Everyone deserves to be reminded that they are worthwhile.

Have a great day, my friends.

bpcookie responded:
Hello peeps

Weather is great, sunny, warm, birds are singing

slept great

Mood is kinda down. Not sure why. kinda just want to hide in bed.

Plans, house work, lay in bed, take doggy for a walk (maybe that will cheer me up) I really should go roller blading too just so I can get the practice.

I like that I can make others laugh.
Lost_Kitten13 responded:
Weather: lousy

Sleep: not so good (bad dreams)

Mood: ify

Plans: im not sure...i know im gonna call the doctor

Anything else? im trying to understand crazy religion an im trying to understand why their is stupid rules in it -.-

What do you like best about yourself: umm....i am able to have a boy that loves me!
ddnos responded:
Weather: - cold, breezy, rain off and on - in other words, stay inside weather!

Sleep: 12 hours without waking up!!

Mood: Good

Plans: Making some business calls, clean house that I didn't do this weekend, go for a walk - beyond that, not sure

Anything else? - new picture is of my and my almost 96 yr old grandma taken last summer when i was sick - i was miserable that day. lol

What do you like best about yourself - that i get along with all people well, regardless if i like them or not
maddie8415 responded:
Weather: Party cloudy, maybe 40s...haven't been outside.

Sleep: Horrible...I took some sleep aids and instead of helping me to sleep they just made me really frickin tired but still unable to sleep. I slept ate too.

Mood: Not too bad not too good. Hopefully it will pick up tonight as I seem to be in better spirits at nighttime.

Plans: Go to a DBSA bipolar group 6-8, should be interesting because the topic is anxiety in bipolar ppl. Which I can become consumed with easily.

Anything else: Still bothered by cravings . I know I'm doing nothing to lose weight but just gain because sometimes I feel like I will be highly uncomfortable unless I get what I crave.

What I like about myself? Hmm...I guess I'm kind of quirky and sometimes say things that amuse people and they say "only maddie would have said that". Unfortunately I don't see those friends anymore because they're in Australia
robbie2shoes replied to robbie2shoes's response:
I missed the question:

What do you like best about yourself? that's a tough question for me cause I never think about me and liking myself......................I guess I would say that I like that I am kind and caring and commpassionate when it comes to people and I like to make people laugh.

Anneinside responded:
Weather: Beautiful and a warm 64 degrees!

Sleep: 10 hours and I don't remember any dreams last night

Mood: good to mildly down

Plans: I didn't have plans for today but I crossed out a couple of things on my to-do list... I cleaned around my lazyboy and vacuumed the carpet -- something I hate to do!

Anything else? I do have plans for Easter now. I am going to a friend's house and we are going to have pork loin with pineapple sauce. I am bringing the pork loin and she is providing the side dishes.

What do you like best about yourself ( come on, everyone has something they feel good about) I am a good friend
skypper responded:
weather is great today, 80's sunshiny and clear, just beautiful!

sleep: i think i slept ok, from what i can remember anyway

mood: is pretty good

plans: well i already took kids to the pool/lake today and we were there for a few hours swimming and hot tubbing....went to the grocery store...came home had pb& j's, and am planning on making macaroni salad and grilled burgers for dinner..such a nice and relaxing day

anything else? nah, not really

what i like best about myself...i guess it would be my ability to love most all people and appreciate them for their true selves vs what others think/say about them...and my ability to be kind to people...even though it does get me into trouble often...
DizzyJgirl responded:
Weather: rain

Sleep: good

Mood: good

Plans: cleaning

Anything else? Well, I have felt weird (in a good way) the past two days. I feel good. Not manic, just good and I have had energy. So, I am cleaning, cleaning, cleaning! I am trying to fit it all in because once this mood shifts, I will be back to no motivation. So enjoying it while it lasts.

What I like best about myself? I do not judge other people.
IrwinsLady responded:
Hello there...

Weather: A mix of sun, clouds and rain.. typical Florida day

Sleep: Really good, I was in the arms of my boyfriend.

Mood: Weird, a mix of dazed and deaf with a little happy

Plans: Spent the day with my boyfriend and going to Land Lubbers with my roommate.

What do you like best about yourself? : Good question, hmmm.. i guess my Empathy

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