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Started Depakote/ Triggers
Topaz03 posted:
Hi, it's been a while. Hope everyone is well. This board confuses me so much, it's hard for me to post here. I miss all you guys though!!

I've been really really manic lately. Weeks, I don't know how long. It's been bad. So, I saw my doctor yesterday and I asked her if I could try Depakote because the Seroquel helps me sleep but I can't take it in the morning and I really need another mood stabilzer.
My doctor told me to stop the Prozac because she said it may be making my mania worse. I actually stopped it a few weeks ago. I've been so out there, I didn't realize how much time had passed since I refilled my prescription, but I'm not going back on it right now.

I took it last night and this morning and it works great. So far so good. It is giving me some peace and it calms me down. I had the craziest dreams last night, but that's no biggie. I really like this medication.

So, I guess when I check back in with her I will ask for liver function tests to give me peace of mind.

Then I started reading all these things about your liver.........and I don't know, it's really scaring me. I keep telling myself, it's been around for years.

The trigger is I've been drinking way too much at night. I came clean yesterday with my doctor. This is another reason for the Depakote. I've read about anti seizure meds and how they can help cravings with alcohol. Well, so far so good. It seems to already take those cravings away, plus, if I feel better, I won't want to drink if I'm more stable. I remember being on Lamictal and it helped the cravings but this seems to help me a little more.

She said Lamictal helps people more with depression and Depakote is better for mania (in general). I have huge problems with mania so I think this is the med for me.

If I could just stop thinking that I'll be one of those people with a damaged liver...................then, it will be damaged if I keep drinking.......

My husband thinks I'll be fine. He said it's really been like the past 6 months that it's been bad and I've been struggling with mania........I just didn't know how bad I was until now.

This morning I woke up racing, shaking, cleaning my kitchen, just a spaz, and then I took this Depakote and I feel semi normal now. It's such a relief, so I should keep taking it?

Sorry this is so long.
I can't see my nick name or anything...........
snowyowl33 responded:

Soo good to see you here again hon welcome back!!....You must also come and visit the exchange (board) called " Coconut Patch" we are all there from the old board (to have some fun and relaxation...)
Re the depakote, I took it and it was very helpful to me, unfortunately I had to stop because I had hair loss, but most people don't get that so don't worry. It is a good med, and I think you should keep taking it. Your liver will be more affected by the alchohol than the Depakote, so stick with it k?
Prozac can make you very hyper if you are prone to mania and if your not on a good mood stabilizer. I think your doc is right to tell you to sto it until your moods are more level with the Depakote....

Really good to see you hon, and would love to hear more from you. reach out to people here for support re drinking and getting stable again... you know we care very much about you!
Big hugs, and your post came through just fine!
Topaz03 replied to snowyowl33's response:
Hi Snowy!! It's wonderful to hear from you:) Thank you so much for your invite. I just found cookie's group. If I bookmark them then I'll be able to find them.

Sorry about the hairloss. I've heard this, but I have really thick hair..........hey, do you think some of the hair that is growing on my face (hormones, who knows) will fall off? lol, that would be nice. Oh the things that start happening to women in their 40's, hehehehe, gotta laugh.

Thank you SO much for your reassurance. I will listen. You sound like you know a lot about health, etc. I am thinking of going to the health food store to buy some milk thistle? I remember you telling me about that. I have drank on and off for a few years now, but not bad like lately, so I don't think I've done any damage. I'm definately NOT drinking with the Depakote. I'm too scared, so it's really a protection for me. Mabey this medication will change my life:)

I guess, the Seroquel isn't enough. I'm still supposed to take it though. So, I'm on Seroquel at night and Depakote 250mg twice daily. No more Prozac. I thought it was helping my anxiety, but I could swear it was increasing my alcohol cravings. I'm not depressed anyway and the Depakote is really helping my anxiety:)

I told my doctor that I believed that if I kept going on the way I had been that I would die, and I really don't want to do that. I've just been in "La La" land. My husband told me, it's like I've been in a "coma" for like a year...............I know, it feels like that way. Out of touch.

So, this is all good now, and I won't worry anymore:) Mabey sometime in the future there will be another med, but for now, I have to take care of myself. I'm really excited about it:)

Thank you so much. You're a sweetie!!!!!!!!! (((((((((hugs)))))))))

And how are you doing? I'm going to try to read through these posts, lol. I book marked the page so I could find it.

Is there a doctor on this board? It looked like that. That's a wonderful thing:) I have to go to work now. Have a wonderful day:)
slik_kitty responded:
kiira!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so glad to see you here! i wouldn't worry too much about the liver with depakote. i think you are doing more damage to your liver by drinking. i so hope this helps. your life will be much better without the alcohol involved. alcohol destroys lives and families and hurts the children involved. been there, done that, didn't buy the tshirt.
bpcookie responded:
Hey Kiira darling, good to see ya honey bunny. Ive taken Depakote for 11 yrs now and havent had any probs with my liver. I think you are more likely to have liver probs from the over drinking. Your pdoc will want you to get a blood test done every six months, just to make sure your liver is okay dokay. So dont worry honey. muah Take care.
bpcookie replied to snowyowl33's response:
oops, I just read what you said about the liver and alcohol. I said the same thing. I didnt read your reply until after I wrote mine. Well, brilliant minds think alike.
chittybangbang responded:
Sometimes levels need to be adjusted further with depakote. I would talk to your doctor topaz 03 maybe it needs an increase. I was on depakote also, can make you shakey if the levels are low in your blood on the medicine sometimes an increase might be needed and I would also, ask your doctor when he does the liver test if you could get a depakote level done. Hope, this helps. And try not to go online when your shakey and scared for it only can make you worry more and focus on every single symptom. Then you might think you have everything. I also, know this because, I used to do this myself. Also, when your feeling better ask your doctor if it is ok to be online looking up symptoms of medications for, a docotr would know. Also, I used to do it, and I thought every symptom was happening to me that I became symptomatic. It's hard keeping an open mind sometimes when your not feeling well. Please, try to remember this. Lots of luck to you and you can always keep me posted that's what where all here for to be here for one another. have a good night.
maddie8415 responded:
YAY! you're back, the board is a bit confusing and a bit busy but you WILL get used to it, I think most of us are pretty fine with it by now. I think you'll be fine but you just really need to get regular liver tests and keep an eye on symptoms and how you feel. always listen to your body!
hereinmyhead responded:
I'm so happy to see you here!!! I'm like you, as far as the confusion with this new board, but I know it was mostly because I've had the attention span of a flea most of the last several months. I also missed everyone too much, so I have kept at it, and it's getting easier. It was just a bad time for me to try and learn something new that I wasn't in the mood to learn...which isn't always the case, but hmmmm....

I'm sorry, but I don't know a thing about depakote, because it's one of the meds I can't take, and that list just keeps getting longer. Ugh.

Anyway, I just saw your name for the first time in months, so I had to jump in here to say 'hello'. I've really missed you, and I'm so glad you're back.


margaroo replied to hereinmyhead's response:

So happy to hear from you. Give the new board some time, I really hated it in the beginning, but now I don't have a problem. There is a bonus, we have Dr. G, a psychiatrist, to answer our questions.

Regarding Depakote, I have been taking Depakote for years, and I also take Lamictal. I definitely am prone to depression rather than mania, and this combo works well for me.

I am glad you were truthful with your pdoc. The drinking is problematic with our meds. Good luck and hang in there.

Keep posting!


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