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    ducky200318 posted:
    cut today, I tried not to but I just couldnt stop the pain now I feel even worse and want to drink help someone please
    Sojourner_1 responded:
    Although I don't know you, just from what you wrote I would recommend that you get help right away...either call or go to a crisis center or hospital, call your psychiatrist, or whatever is available in your area.

    Take care, and write back to let us know if you got the help you needed, okay?
    bpcookie responded:
    Oh sweet heart. Im not sure what I can do. This is a topic that Im not really familiar with. I do have a friend who cuts, but since I dont do it, I feel useless to help.

    I can only imagine how it must be. To have so much pain that you have an urge to do something to get rid of the pain. In your case, you cut. Im sure it causes adrenalin which helps? Like I said, I dont know much about this.

    I do understand the drinking part. When I used to get very upset, angry, depressed, stressed, I used to grab a few cans of beer or wine and down them. I just wanted to drown the pain and feel numb for a while. But I always felt worse after wards. So when Im having a rough spell, I keep in mind the feeling I get after I down a few drinks, and it helps to keep me from reaching for that bottle.

    Big hugs to you sweetie. love ya
    gottagetitright responded:
    Hi ducky,First warm hugs

    I the feeling of fighting the urge to want to cut and it's a quick fix.Sometimes they are so strong that you give in but it only adds to my problems.Drinking is a bad idea and just feeds into the urges that you now have.

    What have you use the past that has helped you with the urges?What steps you took to re frame your mind or channel your thoughts?Do you write or draw?

    I use different methods when it comes to SI,1 I put a thick rubber band around my wrist and when the urge hits me I snap it as hard as I can.2 I muti-task,like writing and listen to music or clean and listen to my mp3 player.I just do more than one thing at time.

    When those don't work I get a bowl and put some ice in it and place my hands in there until they are numb.Just whatever works for you or go for a walk.

    If you need your wound to be looked at please go and have it check.--Make sure that it is taken care of!

    ducky200318 responded:
    I went to the ER and lied about where the cuts came from, they bought it this time. have 20 sriches though never have I done it this bad, but I guess after being cutting free for so long it was bound to happen.
    IrwinsLady replied to ducky200318's response:
    Sweetie I know exactly how you feel and Im glad you went for help. Personally I wouldnt have lied because I know I would need the proper help. But I cant make you do that even though it would be in your best interest to get the proper help to where you wont want to do it anymore. Believe me my work found out about mine and baker acted me. It came out to be the best thing to have happened. I wish you the best of luck and Im sending you strength vibes. Hope you feel better soon.
    snowyowl33 replied to ducky200318's response:

    Welcome back,
    Sorry to hear your having such a difficult time again... I am glad to hear that you went to the ER and got it looked after. Good! Has something happened to trigger all this? Do you still have a t/pdoc you can call and make an appt with so you can talk more about this with them? (sorry my memory sucks so I don't remember if you do...)

    I find that writing my emotions down in whatever way I need, whether it be a big black marker, or a crayon, or a pen or pencil, helps... or getting outside and away from things that are triggering.....just a couple of thoughts....
    We're here for you, so is the SH board...


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