baby325 posted:
I was wondering if there is another medication like abilify that is a generic form and therefore more reasonably priced.
maddie8415 responded:
I took that for some time and my pharmacy usually had generics...but not for abilify. I don't think there is one unfortunately.
baby325 replied to maddie8415's response:
what was prescribed for you instead of abilify? I contacted my psyc. but she has not got back to me as yet. I would appreciate your input.
mommaange1 replied to baby325's response:
I take lithium which is really cheap, just a few dollars for 3 months. I also take serequel, lamictal, and geodon, but they are more expensive. My serequel and geodon without insurance is over $1000.00 each. Thank good for insurance. I only pay $20.00 for 3 months for each of these. Lamictal has a generic so it too is less expensive but still not as cheap as the lithium.