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i think im in trouble... - OT
R_Shadow posted:
was on my way to work when i had to hurry and get in front of a was either that or get hit by the person behind me...well...the girl took my licencse plate number and then she rode my butt all the way till i had to turn and she go straight...then she tried runnimg me off the road...what should i do? i dont have anything on her execpt she was a dirty blonde colored hair, female with a lite blue jeep type thing...
AshamedWorried responded:
This person obviously has a bad case of road rage! What can she do? If she reports you the most they could probably do is a ticket for reckless driving. I'm not even sure they could do that on just the word of another driver. If she attempts to contact you or you see her again, call the police immediately--she could be dangerous!
R_Shadow replied to AshamedWorried's response:
think she was just really angery at me...i did cut her off but i had no choice...if i hadnt gotten in front of her like i did then i would of had to put on my brakes let her and another car pass me and get rear ended all at worried im goint to get in trouble...i dont even know how much the ticket will cost if i get i wont be able to drive the car any longer...i guess ill just have to hope that i dont get pulled over on the way home or get a message in the mail saying to come to court
mommaange1 responded:
I saw exactly the same thing on a copy show once. Only difference was the person who got cut off kept following the person while calling the cops. The person who cut her off finally stopped to see what the big problem was and when the cops finally came they checked out the situation but did nothing to either driver except they told the drivier who got cut off that they should be more accomadating to drivers changing lanes. I doubt anything will happen to you. I bet she wont even call the cops. what are they going to do after the fact.
DizzyJgirl responded:
I wouldn't worry. Other than your license plate what does she have to present? Her word? They can do nothing with that. For all they know, one of your friends was driving your car. The very worse case scenario is they might check and make sure your registration is up to date and that you have whatever insurance might be required. But to be honest, the police have other cases to deal with and aren't likely to push anything with this woman's complaint...if she even contacts them (which I am betting she won't since the way she drove was hardly lawful).

Before I was dx'ed and on meds, I could have been on either side of that fence. When I was manic I did some really stupid things due to road rage. Once I did that thing of following someone and copying down their plate. I just wanted the guy to know I was pissed, but I wasn't going to anything with it.

Try to relax. It is best to just put it behind you. Take care.
bpcookie responded:
Dont be worried. There is nothing the cops can do. It is her word against yours, there werent any witnesses. Even if there were witnesses, the cop wouldnt ticket either of you. Cutting ppl off, riding bumpers, slamming on your breaks, that happens a 1000 times a day. Unless a cop sees it, nothing is gonna happen.

I threatened some girl once, she called the cops, they came to my house, but they said that there is nothing they can do because it is her word against mind.

So dont worry.
R_Shadow replied to bpcookie's response:
thanks everyone
i wont let it bother me anymore

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