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Does anybody take Cogentin?
hereinmyhead posted:
I just started taking cogentin yesterday, and i think i can already tell that it's helping with my teeth clenching and muscle clenching, only my arms feel SOOOO weird! they feel like they each weigh 50lbs and ache like mad, and so does my right shoulder (but it's my injured shoulder, so i don't know, but it seems to ache more than usual). today my head feels that way too. I was just wondering if this is a possible side effect, and if so, will it go away? I had to leave my day prog after 1 hour today because I could hardly hold my head up, and it wasn't long before a migraine started to settle in. they had to call me a taxi so i could go home early. I just woke up after being asleep for the last 5 hrs and feel like i'm in a fog, but thought it would go away if i started moving around (and checking in w/ my bp board buddies). My arms still feel the same, and the migraine feels like it's "hovering", like if i don't go and take another fioricet and lay back down in the dark, i'm gonna be sick. That's normal for my migraines, because they usually last through about 3 doses of the meds before they subside. Coincidence? the only thing that seems to point to "no" is my arm-weirdness and what feels like extra shoulder pain.

bpcookie responded:
What is Cogentin? Ive never heard of it. I tend to clench my jaw and I also tend to tighten my muscles too. But with back pain, once one part of my back hurts, the other other parts try to make up for that pain and everything ends up hurting. I know you know exactly what I mean.

So is it a pain med? a muscle relaxer? or something else?

I hope your back is doing ok today darling. muahs
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RogueFemale responded:
I take Cogentin when I'm on higher doses of Abilify--it helps calm the restlessness that the antipsychotic can cause.
hope7951 responded:
I was given Cogentin for tremors by my pdoc. It is a betablocker. he looked it up and said the typical dose was 80 mg but gave me 20 mg to take twice a day to see if it helped. It did nothing for me but made me very fatigued, headachy, and a bit foggy. My tremors are different and not caused by meds. I stopped taking them a couple of days ago when i got my blood results but then didn't sleep last night.

You should ask why you were given these as I beleive beta blockers are used for different reasons. From what my pdoc said he didn't think I could handle the 80 mg niormal dose.
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hereinmyhead responded:
I'm on the Cogentin for akithesia (sp?)....that "i wanna crawl outta my skin" kind of inner anxiety that I get with the racing thoughts, stress, and even my back pain (for some reason I tense up even more when I'm in pain without realizing it, and of course that makes muscle pain even worse. I always catch myself clenching my teeth and muscles, and never notice I'm doing it most of the time, but I definitely notice how much more pain it causes once I notice and try to make myself stop clenching. For some reason, trying to make myself stop makes it hard to stop. Weird? It's like 1:15 in the afternoon here now, so I've been asleep for the better part of the last 20 hours, only up twice and not for long either time. Right now I'm "so far so good" except for a little achy. I just took my meds, so we'll see how today goes.

Cookie, it's funny in a way, because Cogentin is not a muscle relaxer, per se, like soma, or something like it that you'd get from a pain specialist, but in my case it seems to act almost like one. I didn't know about akathesia, never heard of it, so I didn't know that I might possibly have it. I've been on Cogentin now since Thursday, and I don't think I've done the teeth clenching since the very first dose.

I read that Cogentin is given both for Parkinson symptoms and for the akathesia caused by antipsychotic drugs mostly, but my sister told me yesterday when we were talking that she took it for TMJ for a few months until she had her jaw re-aligned and had the 2nd set of braces on her teeth to correct her TMJ. She said it helped her right away also as far as the unwitting teeth-clenching that made her jaw pain a lot worse.

I'm not sure what all can cause akathisia, because I haven't read much about it yet. I didn't know it had a name or that anything could be done about it (med-wise) until I was telling my pdoc the other day how I clench my teeth so much without knowing it that I recently broke off a piece of a tooth. I'm only on .5mg/day right now, and I really think it's already helping, so if the weird arm feelings don't last, and if it's not going to cause me to have more frequent headaches and migraines, then I'm keeping this med!

Hope, wow, 80mg? That sounds like a dinosaur dose, so I'm glad my pdoc didn't even start with the 20 like yours did. I'm only on .5mg twice a day, and it seems just right, except I do not like the foggy feeling and the weirdness in my limbs. I'm hoping that's all temporary, and as long as nothing else weird happens or gets worse, I'm going to try and hang with this med until I see my pdoc again in 2 weeks.

Karen, I get that restlessness with or without an antipsychotic, but I remember when I was on abilify that it seemed to make mine worse, to where I felt like my whole chest cavaty was slamming around like it was having it's own earthquake.

Thanks all for responding...I'm always wary of prescription meds. Luckily my pdoc is supportive of my use of "green" meds provided I agreed to run anything by him first before I start using them. Right now it's just my essential oils that I use for different things, usually to avoid narcs when I have pain. My first pdoc and tdoc were so against even the oils that they believed that meant I was practicing "witchcraft". Ummmm...first, so what if I am? and second, what century are we in??? LOL

skypper replied to hereinmyhead's response:
my brother takes congentin to help the restlessness that comes from his taking risperderal an my mmom says that it does make him quite sleepy, though he's schizophrenic and much better off feeling sleepy and sluggish than the way he was...i guess this is one of those meds that differs on a case by case basis
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hope7951 replied to hereinmyhead's response:
I've been having problems with weird tremors so have been reading a lot about related things.

Akathisia is a movement disorder characterized by a feeling of inner restlessness and a compelling need to be in constant motion as well as by actions such as rocking while standing or sitting, lifting the feet as if marching on the spot and crossing and uncrossing the legs while sitting, unable to sit or keep still, complain of restlessness, fidget, rock from foot to foot, and pace.

Have you seen a neurologist? Tartive diskania is this but as a permenant side effect of taking anti-psychotics but it usually is above the neck. Lithium produces tremors but more in the arms and hands. Akathisia can be from withdrawl to opiates and other things. This probably doesn't help but I did the beta blocker and also benzos that help. Actually alcohol helps...but that is probably not good. Again, I think any alternative med or method that helps with something like this is okay by me. I like cool baths with lavender.
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hereinmyhead replied to hope7951's response:
Hope, I like the lavendar baths too, only sometimes I swap the lavendar for a grapefruit and basil blend. I don't like pills, so I try and swallow as few as possible, with my pain meds being a last resort (since my psych meds aren't "optional").

I have been seeing a neurologist every 6 weeks since early 2009, and that's who's treating my partial epilepsy. He's also a pdoc, but no longer practices in that area except for patients like me who have both psych and neuro disorders.

I've always been "fidgety", and was always "on the move" back when I still was able to move around a lot and be on the go. The car accident i'm always talking about put almost an instant stop to my being physically able to be on the go like that, so I wonder if that's why my insides feel that way now. I don't rock or shift or have any of the other outward characteristics, but I can't sit still in a chair either, and I think I cross/uncross my legs a lot. I thought that was probably more likely because of my spinal injuries, but now wonder if it's a combination of the 2...interesting points that I will be asking both my neuro and pdoc next time. Cogentin is a daily med for me, plus I have a benzo for panic attacks. Curioiusly, I haven't needed to take any since I started the Cogentin. I haven't taken any of the K-pins since Wednesday, where I had been taking them at least once a day.
hereinmyhead replied to skypper's response:
Sky, interesting that you mention your brother, because I'm on risperderal now too, as of Thursday. Also, my differential diagnosis is still for schizophrenia, which my pdoc first noted back in March of this year. I'm still under the dx bp1 "officially", but he's not yet ready to rule out the possibility of sch. This pdoc is the first ever to seem to want to take more time with making sure my dx is correct. At first I didn't understand (and when I saw the diff dx "schizphrenia", it made me mad, then upset, scared, etc) so I wouldn't let my own pdoc explain it to me at the time. I didn't get the idea of what a diff dx was until I asked Dr. G. here a couple months later.

Then I finally talked about it with my pdoc too, and decided it makes no difference really which it is. Better to have a correct dx then be "married" the wrong one and not have the right regimen of treatment. Thanks for sharing that. It helps mucho with my keeping an open mind about meds.
skypper replied to hereinmyhead's response:
Susie it should cuz my poor brother i was so upset about him for so long and when he was finally hospitalized against his will all i could feel was an overwhelming sense of relief cuz i knew all any doc had to do was but look or try and talk to him and they would understand...and sometimes thats all we need is for someone to truly understand and then try to help us.

he's so much better now than he has been since he was a young child, and that's saying a lot! So i guess it doens't really matter our official dx because all that does is dictate which meds would be most useful, i mean my dx is BP1 with mixed episodes and i take the same class meds as my brother and they help me too, i think it also helped my mom be a little less apprehensive at allowing him to be medicated when she saw how much better i was doing with meds
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hereinmyhead replied to skypper's response:
I totally agree, Sky...especially since both bp and sch run in my family, and both often need the same types of meds.

I always want to know my dx no matter what it is, so I can learn about it, and not telling me makes me angry, like somebody's keeping something from me. I want to know what it is so I can start to understand it and feel more equipped to deal with it, and empowered to help myself with what I learn, or compare what I've read with what my pdoc tells me, so it's like we're both on the same page.

If he hadn't told me about the diff dx, and I somehow found out later, that would be IT because I would feel like I couldn't trust him. I know they say it's better not to reveal these details with some patients, and that I wouldn't know, but I suspect it could be true. I can only say that since my pdoc has been totally honest with me that I have a much better working relationship with him than I've ever had with my prior ones. When we talked about meds again the other day, I asked that he please try and avoid the ones most likely to make me "fat, bald and stupid". He laughed and said that's the last thing he wants to do to anybody. lol
skypper replied to hereinmyhead's response:
LOL! yeah! those are the last things i wouldn't wanna be either!!!!
I'm selfish,impatient
slik_kitty replied to hope7951's response:
i've had that my entire life. i have never been able to sit still. some part of my body has to be moving at all times. drove my step mom nuts. i found out years ago that it can be a bp thing.

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