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Anybody taking Seroquel and Lamictal for Bipolar?
mamason4 posted:
I'd appreciate any comments, reactions, side effects, good news-contact with the human race as only we know it. Thanks
mommaange1 responded:
I have taken both lamictal and serequel for more than 2 years without any side effects. They work really well for me. The lamictal helps keep the depression at bay and the serequel squashes the mania, hallusinations etc. I have found these to be a very good addition to my other cocktail of meds. I will say though to take the serequel at night because it is quite sedating.
nepamommaof2 responded:
I tried Lamictal but got super sick from it. I was on Seroquol for the last 6 months but had to go off it b/c it was way too sedating for me. I was going to bed around 9pm and not waking up till Noon at the earliest. I have 2 kids so that doesn't work lol. It was a good drug tho...kept me "sane" I'm now on Lithium and Ablify but can't sleep. The lithium works great as a mood stablizer. I was so afraid to take it but it really is a great drug. Only down side is that you have to have blood work done every month to check your levels. Good luck!
hope7951 responded:
All meds have side effects and most physch meds make you feel worse for the first few weeks as your body adjusts to them. Many people stop taking meds as prescribed when they make them feel funny, but you really do have to push through that time to get the beneifits. Many meds work well but not for everyone. Seroqual and Lamictal are probably the most popular of meds taken on this board. I've taken lithium for 30 years with good results. Almost any med by itself will not clear up as much as that med combined with good therapy and on-going self care. Fro us, eating right, drinking water, sleeping regularly, exercising, destressing, moving life around to you live with balance and relaxation matter.
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margaroo replied to hope7951's response:
I take Lamictal in addition to Depakote. The combo works well for me. I take Seroquel, but only for anxiety or insomnia. I usually take Ambien for sleep, but if I need to take something late, or need to take a 3 hour nap before going to work, I use Seroquel.

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mamason4 responded:
Thanks for all your replies. At first, I was very sedated in the morning but found that by taking Seroquel by 10-10:30pm I'm not lolling around till noon. And, yes, Lamictal does keep me "even". I took Lithium for many years but can't recall them very well and experienced weight gain.
bwhere responded:
hi mamason4
I've been on alot of different meds over the years. I have found Lamitrol to be very good. Initially I may have been a little "wound up". However, that could be explained ina nuber theories one of which i could relate to. My doctor suggested after being dead for swo long waking up can be challenging. The Abilify....I'm not sure...I've really been cycling lately and this was added about 2 months ago so uncertain if there is any relation.
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tofargone replied to bwhere's response:
I am taking Lamictal for about 10 weeks and I don't have any problems. I also take lithium 900mg and the combination seems to work fine. I haven't taken Seroquel so I don't Have a comment for you.

I hope this helps
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furbabies4 responded:
I'm taking Lamictal & have for a couple years. Doc recently doubled my dosage on it (up to 400mg per day) but can't take seroquel at all. Lowest dose turns me into a zombie for days. I take prozak, wellbutrin, xanax & rotate between lunesta, trazadone & ambian for sleep. Just got put on risperdone as well after a rather nasty bout of mania.
mamason4 replied to furbabies4's response:
Wow! That sure is quite a cocktail of meds. If I were you, I would certainly be concerned about all these drugs mixed together since most of them are sedating. (At one point or another, I've taken all except the ones for sleep). As a fellow sufferer, how do you manage during the day? I'm sorry if I'm coming on a bit strong, but there are unscrupulous docs who prescribe just to keep you coming back(especially if you're vulnerable and you've got good insurance).
furbabies4 replied to mamason4's response:
Not strong at all. I have had sleep issues since I was in grade school (LOOOONG time ago). I am terrified of becoming dependant on any particular sleep med because I don't want to run out of ones I can take, therefore I rotate them. The only other sedating one is the xanax. Some days it is the only thing that keeps me from jumping out of my skin, exploding or bawling. I refuse to take that for sleep just because I need it during the day sometimes & don't want my body to think it's a sleep aid....I go rather lightly on it most of the time.
melly2210 responded:
They put me on Lamictal and Zoloft at the same time and I had a horrible reaction to it, so both have made it to the don't prescribe list (I ended up in the ER).

I recently started Seroquel, and I am struggling with its effects. I take a 150 mg dose before bedtime and am still dragging in the morning. If it continues over the next week, I'll contact the doctor. I also take 2000 mg of Depakote at bedtime, 10 mg of valium 3x a day and 50 mg of hydroxyzine 3x per day too. So maybe we need to tweek some more.

I will say that the Seroquel or the increased dosage of the depakote did make a huge difference for me mood wise already. I can feel myself slowing down, while before the world seemed to be spinning out of control.
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trace81 responded:
Seroquel. Its been like two weeks and i haven't really noticed a diffrence. Do any one know how long it takes to start working?
mamason4 replied to furbabies4's response:
No insult intended about your meds. I guess if I think about it long enough, some of my cocktails must've sounded a bit much. I know what you mean about Having the Xanax just to keep from screaming or jumping out of your skin-it's like that for me with Klonopin. It never fails-out of nowhere I'm having a panic attack on a scale of 10 in the middle of the supermarket, or cleaning my house, or, another favorite location-driving. I try not to anticipate or think about a panic attack happening and pre-medicating-I just go and see what happens-if it happens, so be it. I know I won't die or go crazy. (How bad can it be? I already am crazy.) It's a joke people.
mamason4 replied to trace81's response:
I would give any medication 4 weeks or maybe you need an adjustment or an addition. Speak to your doc. The faster you feel better the better you'll feel. (Does that make sense?) Hang in there and let us know what happens. That's what we're here for.

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