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Is it wrong to like being MANIC?
SunnySpinelly posted:
Im a housewife and I do, well, house stuff. Laundry,cleaning,ironing,cooking,helping the kids with homework ETC. Im bipolar and the depression side of it, how can I put this, Sucks! It's painful and lonely and just sad. On the other hand, the manic side of it is awesome. Being at home doesn't mean I sit on my ass and watch T.V, I'm working too! When I'm manic I get alot more done in half the time vs one thing taking all day or doing nothing at all. Now don't get me wrong, If your mania is going out and spending all the money or having primiscuos(don't spell check that, u know what it means) sex with lots of people then MANIA IS BAD. But if you stayed in the house or a safe enviroment and had lots of things to do, is it REALLY that bad? I recently found out that a certain drug can trigger mania in bipolar people. It was perscribed to me but when I told him how it made me feel, he told me to stop taking it. C'mon would you? He stopped perscribing it nut I have quite a few left over. There lies my good vs evil complex. Most bipolar bears like to be manic, right? It could, but not always get you into trouble. And I'll admit, when I was behind on work, I took some. And when I got depressed for % days strait, I took some. I haven't abused or anything. That's why I'm asking you all to weigh in and help me flush the rest or Only use in emergencies. HELP!! BIPOLAR BEARS, AM I WRONG?

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bpcookie responded:
Hello Sunny, I think most of us like to be manic because it makes us feel happy, hyper and like you said, we buzz around the house and get things done. I think that if we remember that somethings after mania, depression follows, but not always. Also as long as the mania only lasts a short time. So I dont see anything wrong with it.
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DizzyJgirl responded:
I agree with Cookie. I know just what you mean Sunny. I can sit here and look at stuff I "should" be doing, yet it tends to just sit there until I have a manic mood. I wish I could have that energy more often. However, I am also afraid of being manic because of the negative sides of it that you mention (spending money is probably my biggest issue) and the awful crash that inevitably follows. Usually those fears keep me in check. AND sometimes I get a mixed mood in there which is the worst thing for me. I hope some of that makes sense. lol I don't think a mild mania is bad. Sometimes I get those and don't spend money or do anything "bad".
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minkysmom1 responded:
Hi Sunny,

I only would question the type of medication you are taking to induce the mania,or,decrease the depression. Did you tell your Doc that it also helps with the depression? Because if it helps with your dep. I would think he would want to keep you on it. Then again,I don't know what the med is since you don't mention it.
I fear when you run out,you may have a crash in one direction or the other. The idea is to find a combination of meds that even you out,keep you stable.
When I have been Manic,I fear the afterwards. The depressive side that usually follows. This last time I didn't have a depressive episode following my Manic one. That made me really happy to know I was even,more stable than in the past.
I'm fortunate that spending doesn't seem to be one of the triggers for me. Nor promiscuity.
So what is the med that's doing this? I've been on alot of combos and alot of different meds,I mean Alot! So maybe we could help you further in knowing this.


SunnySpinelly responded:
If you promise not to run to your doctors and say "A friend of mine is taking such and such. Can I get some?" Ill tell you what it is.......But first. Thank all of you for commenting. I guess I never thought about going through the depressive phase. Usually I tend to think about the right now instead of the big picture. Lokking at your comments, It's okay to like being manic, but just know what comes next.....Now the medication is called
LadybugKaren responded:
Most of my life I really didn't mind when I am happy and getting things done. Most of the people in my life didn't mind it either,most loved it. Hey I would do anything to get people to "LIKE" me. So it is very normal to enjoy your "MANIC" time. Me and my husband and kids are back liking my "MANIC"time. After going through therapy they have learned how to handle these and my depressed times.
SunnySpinelly responded:
OK Bipolar Bears, I'm conflicted. I want to be open and honest, but I don't want anything I say to hurt or harm any of you. I don't know the long term effects of this drug when coupled with the medications we take on a day to day basis. I'm also not sure if taking it everyday will hurt. That's why I didn't disclose the name of the drug. But if you want to know, you're grown and I'm not your mama, so post like an email address or IM or something so I can tell you without blabbing it to everyone.
bpcookie replied to SunnySpinelly's response:
Sunny, if you dont want to disclose the name of the drug, thats up to you. Im sure the ppl on this board wont make a fuss about it and insist that you tell them the name of it. We are not like that. We are all on our own medications and there is no way our Dr.s would put us on a med. just because we want them to. Dr.s will do what they think is best for us.
I can't be bothered with a cell phone in my car....I am too busy making finger gestures at everyone!!!-Maxine
shania09 replied to SunnySpinelly's response:
Hi Sunny.......There has been a study at the Ann Arbor Medical Center a few yrs ago that showed people who remain in a manic state for a long period of time, like 3 days non-stop I think, you will start to kill off brain cells, which might also be the reason that some of us have some cognitive problems, and it may not be the meds u might be taking at the time. The study is still new to the medical community, but the study still shows that the people who might have bipolar for years, and their moods have not been stablized very good do have some difficulty with their memory as they get older. Mind u these are people who do not take their meds like they are supposed to, or do not take them at all. But also affects the people who stay in a manic state for a giving time, but it may not affect them as bad as the people who do not care about their disorder. I am trying to remember what that web site addy is, and I can give ya'll that addy. Or Dr G might be able to give u more info on this and probably be more clear then me on this subject. Sometimes I read this stuff and I can't remember where I got it from. And when I am manic, I don't get the excess energy, I get argumentive, or irratiable. Boy I can't spell worth a damn!! lol Or my mind just will not shut down for nothing. Then I get all sorts of things running thru my head.
SunnySpinelly replied to bpcookie's response:
Thanks alot. I am new to this family and you guys could very well be the only people that understand what I'm going through. You're right, our doctor's do have our best interest at heart. I'm pretty sure that's why mine told me to stop taking that drug....LOL ....P.S. I decided to flush them. My husband says I cant always have what I want. It's what I need that matters. Sometimes you gotta take a loss.
SunnySpinelly replied to shania09's response:
It funny you say that. A few months ago my doc sent me to take an IQ test. He said it was because of my cycling. But it could be because of my charm. Anyway, they were like averaging out to 5 days manic and about 7 depressive. I've only been in therapy for a year now, and my doc and I still haven't found the right cocktail. (mix of medicines) I was diagnosed 11 years ago. Long story. But I'm gonna look it up. I'lll post what I find. ....P.S. My mania is a little diffrent. I become a busy bee and take care of ALL the things I've put off. I hate it when people think I procrastinate becauseI just can't do something right away. Random racing thoughts. Picking fights with my husband. One was about a commercial! But all women are argumentative and irritable to an extent, right? Hmmmm
thepositiveman responded:
Hey sunny I was just wondering what that medication was that made you feel manic. I also would rather feel manic but my manic is about 1 to 30 days of depression. If not it's no big deal but my email is
ibex7 replied to thepositiveman's response:
I think it is wrong to take actions of irresponsibility in your behavior that may jeopardize the health of others as well as damage the lives of God's inspired creations in an inhumane way. Self injury is doubtlessly the act of an evil spiritual entity.
Sometimes you don't mean to say what you mean to say you mean.
luci96 responded:
Well in contrast to wanting to kill myself and feeling fat and ugly, and always being tired, even after 12 hours of sleep, and not understanding my school work, and failing classes, and being hungry ALL DAY even after I eat and not wanting to talk to my friends, or go places with them, or do anything that involves existing... YEAH. Being manic feels like heaven! I'm feeling depressed right now, and my best thing is reminding myself that it won't last, and trying to convince myself that it's not hopeless.. The first few drops were hard, but now I remember how hard they were, and how great it was after.. I'm waiting for that.. What pill are you talking about??
resiliancy500 responded:
Manic to a point feels great, improves performance, enhances creativity, but mania (not talking BP2 hypomania) continues past the good stuff out of your control and if you are not taking treatment will carry you to psychosis, hospitalization, jail, death and many unpleasant consequences. Some cold meds and steroids can trigger a manic surge in people. Liking it is neither good nor bad but more like the nice feeling you get from two glasses of wine but then you drink three and then forget how many. Mania is stunning for sure, but one of the first things lose is your own self-awareness so things that seem reasonably to you are not reasonable to others.

Life is full of highs and lows. I get a charge from teaching. Most people find something that makes them glow and rise to the occasion. I'm not sure inducing mania is your only option for feeling great, being productive and full of energy. Doing things you love as well as doing things for others brings on this same powerful joy. If I were you, I'd consider getting high on some aspect of your life.
Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. -Lolly Daskal

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