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Hi, I was just diagnosed with Bipolar
oilpastel posted:
I was just diagnosed ... I kind a refused to believe it. It is very hard, because I used to have a family member with bi-polar and it was helpless.

I do not want to be like that..., please anyone in this community is a successful professional (anything) or successful wife, mother, father (you can define the success) that can guide? please?
bpcookie responded:
Hello Oilpastel, its very nice to meet you and welcome to the board.

Many Bipolars have a hard time believing their diagnosis, even after years, some still question it.

As for being successful, Im a wife and a mother and I am stable. You can be what ever you want to be. Being Bipolar does not mean you cant do normal things, be a normal person, have a normal life etc. My daughter is 18 yrs old and she is very happy and Im quite proud of her. Ive been married to a wonderful man for 11 years now. So Bipolars can accomplish anything.

I hope that helps.
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BipolarDisorder2 replied to bpcookie's response:
AMEN to that- I question mine every single day....*sigh*

Anyway, welcome, Oilpastel EVERYONE here is uber friendly & helpful, and amaaazing I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago (tomorrow is my 2 week 'anniversary') and I've been fluctuating a LOT, but hopefully that will be under control soon.

Hope you are well
oilpastel replied to bpcookie's response:
Thank you very much bpcookie, your story made me feel good. I am glad to hear that your are so proud of your daughter and she is happy!
oilpastel replied to BipolarDisorder2's response:
Thank you very much. ...

I just start the treatment less than a week ago, well to be precise Thursday 9th. So, no mayor change at all yet... but I am kind a scare because of all the talk about Lithium.

May I ask you what was your mayor a-ha moment? What kind a feeling (mad, Sad, ) are you dealing with since you just start the treatment too?
BipolarDisorder2 replied to oilpastel's response:
My major 'ah ha' moment was when I was being treated for anxiety (my MD put me on Ativan & 2 different anti-depressants at 2 different times), and the Prozac made me SUPER agitated and I could NOT concentrate or sit still. I told my doctor and she switched be to Zoloft. Then things got REALLY bad..I was displaying hypomanic symptoms- could NOT sit still, couldn't concentrate, wasn't able to have an individual thought, didn't wanna sleep, etc was BAD. I didn't recognize it as BP until my doctor said she wanted me to quit the Zoloft b/c she was afraid it was unmasking BP symptoms and she started immediately searching for openings in the psychiatrist's schedule to get me in. She put me on JUST Valium after the Zoloft and it did NOTHING to touch my energy or my other symptoms, it was as if I had taken nothing.
Anyhoo, schedule opened up, I saw the psych, he diagnosed me, and put me on Lithium, 300mg 3x/day. I am dealing with sad, mad, irritable, happy, depressed, suicidal, etc since being on meds. Bipolar doesn't get better overnight, which is, sadly, what I had anticipated. My therapist immediately questioned my diagnosis which made me mad, but now I think he sees...I started treatment 2 weeks ago,s o I'm still new to it..I started a mood chart online as well, which has helped me track my moods and it should help my psych better treat me. Good luck!
oilpastel replied to BipolarDisorder2's response:
Thank you by been so open. I have so many concerns about the medicine, my husband not getting it that I can't control.
So many people (blood related) that think BP is bunch of BS mostly on his side. The funny thing is... it was one of the his relative who was Bipolar and I heard so many comments before she died...

And now my past life make so much sense, however that doesn't make me happy ether. Because I hurt so many people along the way, and saying I am sorry for not been able to control it better because I am BP... doesn't take away the pain.

Thank you very much for reading it.
BipolarDisorder2 replied to oilpastel's response:
Hey, no problem, that's why we are here: to support each other and listen when each other needs an ear, especially an ear that is in the same boat of Bipolar as we all are. We'll always be here for you, so pop in whenever you need us, or even when you don't. I'm still BRAND new to this illness, and I'm still learning, but we can learn together & help each other

A lot of youguys have talked about hurting people and issues you have had in the past pre-diagnosis...I've never had that kind of an issue..I guess I should be thankful I got put on meds that unmasked it and was able to treat it immediately. It still scares me the immediacy and concern and swiftness that my psych and MD had when they told me they wanted me medicated for STILL haunts me.
oilpastel replied to BipolarDisorder2's response:
If you really have not hurt people in your past because the BP issue, that is great!
I am so happy that you caught it before anything stupid repetitive action happened.
BipolarDisorder2 replied to oilpastel's response:
Aw, thank you I didn't mean to sound condescending...that was kinda mean lol I just see that as a pattern for some people and realized in another 'ah ha' moment I haven't had that happen. I have hurt myself r/t my BP..although I didn't know it was BP at the time. I was self-medicating 3x/week with alcohol and I was smoking a I guess in a way I'm not entirely 'innocent'. I was definitely heading down a bad road til I saw my psychiatrist..
sheila000 responded:
Go to Linked-in and join the Bipolar Professionals Network if you want to meet successful bipolar coaches, published writers, seminar speakers and all sorts of advocates and business people.
oilpastel replied to BipolarDisorder2's response:
I was honest about is a good thing that you haven't hurt anyone. It kind a hurts when you look back and hurt so much people feelings... But hey! lets just focus on the future, and not commit the same stupidity again right?
oilpastel replied to sheila000's response:
ok, I will do that!!
snowyowl33 replied to sheila000's response:
Very interesting......seems I've heard about that site from someone else who use to be here on the board....
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fenton04 replied to sheila000's response:
Thanks Shelia for the info. Very helpful. The board has been kind of slow so a hearty welcome and come back often. OBTW you might want to ck out grumpy groupies and the peanut gallery!

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