Calm mania, anxiety and insomnia with nuetral bath
hope7951 posted:
Is your heart racing? Are you fatigued? Do you have shortness of breath or intestinal problems? All of these could be a reaction to anxiety. Anxiety is a coping mechanism and natural reaction to stress. Our bodies react naturally to the stresses in our life, but how do we help curb the stress? One way is with a hydrotherapy technique called a neutral bath. A neutral bath can help with relieving stress and anxiety , as well as insomnia and exhaustion. It also helps in the relaxation of muscles and nerves associated with the brain and spine. Combining this with relaxing aroma therapy, like lavender , is an added bonus. SO if your are looking to reduce your stress level at the end of the day, or if you just need some time to relax, try a neutral bath. Always see your medical doctor for any symptoms that you may have.
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hereinmyhead responded:
I love this one. It doesn't always work, but very often it has. I always try an essential oils blend for my pain first too before resorting to the narcs. I'll take all the homeopathic or naturopathic remedies I can get.
lost4ever84 responded:
I really wish I could do this again. I have done it before and it has usually worked or at least helped. But now I have only a shower. So any suggestions of anything else?