Bipolar Disorder Coping Skills
skypper posted:
I sent this to myself from my blackberry back in May 2010 and just now found it again...

lists of symptoms and medications for people with bipolar disorder, the entire thing can seem disarmingly simple. But anyone who has been there knows that there is nothing simple about accepting and living with a chronic illness, and it's just as important to address the emotional and practical issues of bipolar as it is to know the diagnostic criteria and treatment guidelines. Those with other chronic diseases like diabetes, cystic fibrosis, or multiple sclerosis go through a similar process of grieving, accepting, learning, and adapting - and through this, begin healing and recovery.
If you are struggling, please talk to someone. There are good and kind people in this world. There is love to know and beauty to find. You matter beyond words. Please don't give up.TWLOHA
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skypper responded:
Here's a good link to a ton of information and resources for those of us dealing with bipolar diagnosis recent and old...

Don't break anybody's heart. They only have one...If you're angry with them, break their bones!!! They have 206! :P