problems posting pics? come here
Lost_Kitten13 posted:
if your having problems posting pics you can

click on the little pop up bar that is at the top of your screen
click temporary allow pop ups
click on the add image box under your reply
then post the properties in the bar
then post your pic
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snowyowl33 responded:
Hey Kitten,

Where is this pop up bar?? I use a MAC and I don't see this pop up bar.....any thoughts?
Lost_Kitten13 replied to snowyowl33's response:
oops sorry bout that

what i ment buy is when you go:
to click on the image box and you hear the computer block the pop up or see where the computer says that it blocked the pop up.
go to where ever it is on your internet page that shows that a pop up was blocked.
Click on it and there should be an option that says "allow pop ups for this site temporarility" or something like that

i do not know if this is a way that it happens on your computer though becuz i dont think ive ever worked on a MAC. Sorry if this doesnt help you.

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