Response To Feeling Overmedicated and Aweful....
chittybangbang posted:
I am also, a fourty year old. female on different trials of alot of different medications. I have been on medications since the age of four yrs. old. And still am at fourty. I also, wanted to respond further on this issue for this can be helpful or, may not. I believe not only getting a second opinion but, I was wondering if you ever went to a phsychopharmasutical doctor and had gotten diagnosed further for I see one and all he now does is tweak my medications instead of being medicated through a hospital and or, regular M.D. they are M.D.'s but, however, sometimes know a lot more than a regular doctor. Alls they do is tweak a little the medicines and do not believe in alot of medications all the time. Very good on diagnosing as well. (tweaking the medication means all they do is play around a little with it and wean off alot of the old medicines and try a little of something with the current medicines at the same time. Another words add a little something. I hope this is helpful information to you and all.
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