Verilux "Happy Light"
maddie8415 posted:
I don't have seasonal affective disorder (SAD) but in the grey months I find this to be helpful. Since bipolars tend to be more depressed in the winter I thought ths maybe helpful for some. I use it and it has a comforting feeling. Just don't look right at it, have it shine in the room you are in!
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hope7951 responded:
This is great info. I'm going to try and find one of these. Thank you. Joye
bugsinmyhead responded:
I am glad to hear this light is useful. I just ordered a large one. I have (SAD) and believe me when I tell you, even a summer rainy day can really get me down.
slik_kitty responded:
need a dark light that emits coldness so i can get through the depressing summer.